markilux 1300 basic electric patio awning

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1300 Basic

Retractable Awnings

Manual Retractable Awning

Material: Fabric 
Gear Type: Retractable Awnings 
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Markilux 1300 Basic

Enhance your outdoor living lifestyle with the 1300 Basic, a world-leading open cassette awning from market leader Markilux. 

Ensure that you are not misled by the term 'basic' - the 1300 has been given this title due to the open cassette design. This awning is best suited in the UK when installed underneath any kind of cover or in a recess. The 1300 is manufactured with the highest quality components as with every Markilux products, and ensures high quality performance.


The adjustable pitch for the main cover means this awning can be adapted to deal with the movement of the sun, between 4 and 85 degrees. This is one of the widest pitch angle ranges for any retractable awning.

The optional 'on the fly' pitch adjustment system can be operated by a manual winding handle to help combat low sun and times of heavier rainfall.

The 1300 Basic has twin round steel-link chains in the arm system to ensure consistent and smooth opening operation. This awning is manually operated as standard, with automation available. (see in our online shop or call for details)

Optional extras include ShadePlus for additional shade and privacy, infra-red heaters, sunlight and wind sensors, and the Vibrabox - an awning control system designed to retract the awning in high winds.

The 1300 can be manufactured with a fabric colour of your choice, from bright to muted, with a huge selection of over 250 to choose from!


Maximum Widths: 7 metres

Maximum Projections: 4 metres

The Markilux 1300 Basic can provide shading for large areas.


Face Fixing Installation - Other fitting positions are available. Contact Us for more information

1300 basic line drawing

Open cassette awning with twin link chains working in the robust folding arms and ensuring the best stability on the fabric cover. All framework is aluminium.
Pivot bolts made from stainless steel running in teflon coated bushes for the very best longevity.

Strong 40mm x 40mm torque bar is extremely resistant to twist and deflection and the roller tube for the fabric is an 85mm diameter for the same purpose.

Rated to wind resistance class 2 (Beaufort 5)

Integrated gutter in front profile helps water to drain away to the sides of the profile.

Pitch adjustment gear mechanism (optional extra) allows a windind handle adjustment from 4 to 54 degrees or 35 to 85 degrees to help combat low lying sun or heavier rainfalls. Thius is quite unique to any retractable awning.



Full installation instructions are available for this awning.

Two brackets will be required for a standard face fixing up to 4500mm wide and then 3 brackets required if wider.
The bracket fixing points are quite critical for total stability and safety suring the operation of this or any other awning. Many optional brackets, far too many to list, exist for the purpose of installing an awning when a flat and stable wall is not present, please call for details and prices. It is essential to secure your awning safely especially with the larger sizes.



When measuring for any retractable awning take some time to see where the shading will actually occur as it is always best to try to fit the largest awning possible to truly control the shading. Although the pitch is adjustable the projection needs to be sufficient for your needs whether it is shading a room or creating an area to sit underneath and enjoy the weather without burning yourself.

The ordering sizes refer to the overall width of the awning including any franework or cassette and the fabric cover section will be slightly narrower. The projection is the distance the awning will extend out to when fully opened, bearing in mind when you have the awning cover sloping down the projection will be reduced depending on the pitch the cover is adjusted to. This can be calculated exactly if you know your trigonometry!

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