Samson samson srd55 electric with half hood 3x standard colours aluminium roller garage doors

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SRD55 - Up to 3000mm Wide
Roller Garage Doors
Half Hood - 3 Standard Colours
Material: Aluminium 
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Web Price: £425.00
(Excluding VAT and £510.00 Inc. VAT)
Web Price: £425.00
(Excluding VAT and £510.00 Inc. VAT)
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This superb electric aluminium roller door is offered in 3 of the most popular colours in the UK today and is one of our best priced roller doors when you just need a single size, simple and reliable door. This model comes with a half hood cover for the curtain roll and enables you to install the door under the lintel and still have the roll protected and a fascia to finish.

We always stress that you do not need the 205mm of headroom and if you don't have this headroom then simply work out the ordering height using the total height you do have and deducting the hood/endplate size. Having the fhalf or full hood cover version will give you the built in fascia to cover the roll which hangs down in view because you don't have the full headroom. Not having enough headroom or side room does not prevent you from having a roller garage door at all.

The Samson SRD55 is a straightforward, no-nonsense, high quality, compact sized, electric operated, aluminium roller garage door for anyone who doesn't need remote controls or high-specification features. We have found that more than half of customers buying electric roller doors on single width garages will never use them for a vehicle and having remote control operation makes no sense.. If your garage is entered on foot then a wall mounted rocker siwtch internally or en external key switch makes far more sense and keeps the costs lower and electronics used to a minimum.

This roller garage door is perfect for single-width garages, utilising high-quality 55mm double-skinned insulated curtain sections in a compact roll design with a full hood cover as standard. Available in 3 of our most popular trend colours, all at the same price, this represents excellent value for money.

The 55mm slat used on this roller door is of a higher quality than many others on the market and hence why it can be ordered up to 3000mm wide. High quality internal components also set it apart from many cheaper alternatives. This particular model is offered as a full hood specification which makes it perfect for installation on the inside or outside face of the garage opening. If fitting outside please be aware of the emergency manual release and order a lockable cover plate.

Internal Rocker Switch

This electric roller door is powered by a single-phase 240V internal tube motor and comes with a wall-mounted internal rocker switch as standard, but with an internal wall mounted control board option, featuring easy-to-use 'Up' and 'Down' buttons. Choose this internal control panel and you can then add the external key switch operation.
To operate the door, simply hold the buttons or the key for the duration of the movement, eliminating the need for beams or safety edge sensor systems. This design ensures compliance, simplicity, and ease of installation and setup. This is the least complex set up for any electric roller door..

If you are looking for a remote control system, simply upgrade to the Teleco Remote Control Unit which comes with two hand held transmitters for remote control opening as well as an optical safety edge to combine convenience with current safety compliance.

Choose this uncomplicated electric aluminium roller garage door when you want a reliable and efficient solution without the added complexity of advanced features, but you can order it with a simple and fully compliant remote control system if required.
2 year warranty as standard. 



Domestic garage doors in single width sizes up to 3000mm wide. Light commercial use.

Specific specification for anyone who doeson need remote controls for operation. If your garage is enterd always on foot from an internal door or from the outside as it is detached, then remote control perhaps doesn't make sense? Use an internal rocker switch or external key switch, or both and do away with the complexities of remote control and the safety devices required to comply with UK law.

Standard Specification and Features:
SRD55 Slat Profile
* Made to measure sizes as standard
* 3 colour options
* 2 year warranty as standard
* 55mm slat height in double skin aluminium foam filled construction
* Guide width 60mm
* 205mm endplate and roll cover size
* Half hood cover to provide a fascia cover to the front
* Internal emergency manual override
SRD55 door construction
Standard Colours:  
White (RAL 9016)
Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Black (RAL 9005)
* Wall mounted control panel for internal use, hold to run logic.
* External key switch option
* External low level emergency override when no other door is available into the garage
* Remote control package with safety edge detection system

Installation details provided with the door.


2 year warranty as standard.

PLEASE NOTE: The guides for all GDO Roll 55 doors are in the process of changing from a previously supplied 66mm guide to 60mm guides. This will affect the ordering size of your door, please contact us if we can help with any clarification during the transition preiod. 


Ordering Sizes for the SRD55 and SRD77 electric roller garage doors are the Over Guide Width (OGW) x Guide Height (GH).
The SRD55 Roller Doors have 60mm wide guides either side to be INCLUDED in the overall dimensions for the ordering width.
The SRD55 endplates are 205mm and this is DEDUCTED from the overall height to give you the Ordering Height dimension (Guide Height)
Clear Opening Height = Guide Height – (approx.) 50mm and this is to allow for the bottom slat hanging down into the guide when the door is fully open).
The endplates, either side, incorporating the motor and barrel are to be added onto the guide height to give your total height required to accomodate (Overall Height) if fitting underneath the lintel.
We would always recommend a fitting tolerance is deducted when installing INBETWEEN any opening and this is usually 5-10mm all round, but is depending on how level your structural opening is.

 Measuring guide for Samson SRD55 insulated roller door

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