Samson securguard steel security rated steel doorsets

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Security Rated Steel Doorsets
LPS1175 Rated Steel Doorsets
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Hinged Doors 
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The Samson SecurGuard Range of doors are designed to protect your property against intruders.

The range consists of three doors, each with different levels of security.

SR2 has been tested to LPS1175 SR2: Offers up to 3 minutes resisting an opporntunist burglar forcing entry of protected premises with various tools such as levers, drills and screwdrivers. 

Ideal for domestic properties or commercial premises where a level of security is required.

SR3, tested to LPS1175 SR3: Offers up to 5 minutes of resistance during a determined break-in of protected premises using tools such as a crow bar, short axe and cordless tools.

The SR3 is ideal for commercial premises or buildings with a risk of burglary.

SR4, tested to LPS1175 SR4: Offers up to 10 minutes of resistance when undergoing a break-in by a more experienced burglar using tools such as a sledgehammer, power drill and high powered cordless tools.

With the greatest levels of resistance of the SecurGuard range, the SR4 is suitable for applications where there is a significant risk of attack.


External steel doorset where security is important and compliance with LPS1175 standards is required.


The Samson SecurGuard doors are specially constructed to individual project requirements and each door has internal reinforcement designed to resist sustained attack from a wide range of tools.

All SecurGuard Doors are custom made.

All doors contain additional internal reinforcement in strategic locations to enhance attack resistance.

Door Leaf SR2 SR3 SR4
Single Doors Latched Max width: 1250mm
Max height: 2600mm
Max width: 1300mm
Max height: 2500mm
Max width: 1300mm
Max height: 2500mm
Double Doors Max width: 2500mm
Max height: 2600mm
Max width: 2500mm
Max height: 2500mm
Max width: 2500mm
Max height: 2500mm
Thickness 46mm 59mm 61mm
Material Aluzinc Aluzinc Aluzinc
Infill Honeycomb/Mineral Wool Solid Timber Solid Timber
Construction Welded Welded Welded
Door Frame      
Frame Width 102mm 115mm 115mm
Material Aluzinc Aluzinc Aluzinc
Construction Bolted Welded Welded
Site Installation      
Strike 4mm 3mm 3mm
Hinge 4mm 13mm 13mm
Meeting Stile 5mm 5mm 5mm
Head 3mm 3mm 3mm
Floor 7mm 5mm 5mm

Note: For the doors to operate correctly is it imperative that the clearance at both the strike side on single doorsets and meeting stile on double doors is achieved and maintained as detailed in the table.