Sws seceurodoor 9501 insulated security rated three phase direct drive motor 22g steel insulated and security rated

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SeceuroDoor 9501 Insulated - Security Rated - 3 Phase - 415v Direct Drive Motor
Insulated and Security Rated
Max width 7m Max Height 7m
Material: Steel 
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Web Price: £2,878.00
(Excluding VAT and £3,453.60 Inc. VAT)
Web Price: £2,878.00
(Excluding VAT and £3,453.60 Inc. VAT)
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 A tested and approved security rated door under the LPCB and approved to level 1. The door is also a Secured by Design product. Thirst party tested and approved to a standard to reassure and offer real security as opposed to just a headline statement.

A high quality, double skinned steel, industrial ‘Traditional’ build, insulated and security rated roller shutter door, using a three phase, 415V, external mounted direct drive industrial GfA electric motor for operation. This is an excellent door package with the strength, security, wind resistance and insulation offered by the double skinned curtain. Consider this door for any medium to large openings anywhere. It will not disappoint and definitely offer more than you think over any standard single skin steel roller door.
GfA offer the very best industrial roller door motors, with leading edge technology and excellent, reliable, intelligent control options. Electric drive 415V motor roller doors are usually specified for medium to higher usage openings with more than average daily use possible with the direct drive and higher rated 3 phase motor.
The slats are 95mm high in profile and 20mm deep front to back with a foam injected core offering more strength and performance over any standard single skin slat. The slats are galvanised steel as standard for maximum protection.
This is a great roller shutter door for so many applications and worth looking at over a single skin basic shutter as the extra cost is minimal compared to the benefits offered.
ALL SeceuroDoor products are:
- CE or UKCA marked. Purchasing any product for commercial use requires full compliance with UK regulations. Approved LPCB products also available.
- Manufactured within an ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified UK company
- Made to measure as standard for a perfect fit
- Using the highest quality components and electric motor drives
This insulated industrial door has been tested and approved to LPS 1175 and is also a recognised Secured by Design product.
LPCB Requirements:
The product must be internally face fitted around the opening
The head (axle/box/canopy) must be concealed behind the structure of the building
Bullet lock must be fitted to the internal side (accessed from the inside of the building only)
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
Minimal thermal bridges and the use of fine-pored PU rigid foam infill ensure good thermal insulation whilst curtain and sealing technology used around the entire shutter reduce noise from both inside and outside.
Heat transmission performance for the 95 mm insulated Lath: Centre = 1.1 W/m2K, Quirk = 3.2 W/m2K
Max width 7000 mm
Max height 7000 mm
Max area 44 m2
Choice of 4 guide arrangement options
Standard guide angle is 100 mm x 50 mm
Vision option available: 160 mm x 58 mm Clear Perspex
Vision Panel with a minimum of 170 mm space in between
Wind class rating: Class 5

Typical use for this 95mm insulated door would be on any commercial or industrial building, factory, workshop or warehouse wanting insulation and security too. The standard motor will offer around 30 - 40 operations per day. Workshop, larger factories, warehouses, any heated building. If your building is particularly exposed to high winds then this is the roller door to consider.

If you require higher usage or high speed please email or call us directly for the options available. We do offer high speed models for this door in our shop to review.
The insulated properties offer obvious benefits to many buildings to reduce energy use, but also benefit from a stronger curtain and reduced acoustic transmission to the outside and inside too.
The roller shutter includes an internal manual override facility as standard, with a chain pulley override integrated with the motor and on the same side as chosen.
The standard build on this model uses a 95mm deep and 20mm thick galvanised steel double skin curtain available in various colour finish options.
This roller door is available with the curtain galvanised steel or prefinished in either a powdercoat finish which would be the same colour each side of the slat.
All colours are supplied in a satin finish as standard. Matt and gloss are available, please email or call for price details.
As totally standard and used by many people, depending on the roller door location, you can have the steel curtain in its natural galvanised steel finish.
We can offer the door in special colours other than the ones showing in our online shop options and of course you can mix and match the guides, hood cover and curtain if required, please email or call for details and prices.
The electric direct drive 415V motor can be controlled by various methods:
The most basic method is an internal wall mounted push button station with a hold to run logic. You stand and hold the button firm for the duration of the opening or closing cycle and this way no safety edge or beam systems are legally required keeping the costs to a minimum.Of course you must be able to enter the building via another door for this method.
The second option is a wall mounted control panel which can be programmed to have an impulse operation meaning you simply push the up or down button momentarily and the door will auto operate and has safety edge detection built in with the bottom T rail section to stop if an obstacle is met.

The ordering sizes for all our ‘Traditional’ build roller shutter doors are the actual daylight opening sizes In-between the side guides and underneath the endplates. Make sure you understand the guide and angle widths either side and the endplate size in relation to the door size ordered.

For the perfect internal face fitting situation behind an opening these ordering sizes are effectively the same as the aperture size, but be aware there is always a small hang down on the bottom slat of the curtain when fully open, which affects the final drive through height. If final drive through height is critical for you then please allow for this extra height to be added.

Samson Doors will always provide a final detailed door drawing for you to check and sign off with us before any manufacturing commences.
The Traditional build on this roller shutter door incorporates steel guides and track angles with optional arrangements to suit the fixing points on site. A ‘Traditional’ build roller shutter will use steel guides, channels, endplates and optional hood cover. Using steel components means the door can be larger than the Continental style roller shutters.
The endplates and hood cover size will vary depending on the height of the door so please be aware to check the final drive through height and endplate size.
An emergency manual override is included as standard with the access underneath the endplate on the motor side as facing looking at the endplate side of the shutter. Other positions are available on request.
SeceuroDoor Measuring Diagram_ Traditional Format with Tube Drive Motor