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Samson specialise in folding type doors to suit almost every commercial, industrial, or even many domestic application, from simple pedestrian doors to aircraft hangar size, larger doors. The industrial folding door system offers solutions other door types cannot, with top hanging or bottom rolling type mechanisms depending on the size and weight of the door. The folding door allows easy access for pedestrians using an optional wicket or pedestrian inset door, whilst being easy to open fully when required for full access.

Our industrial specification, steel folding doors are manufactured from double skinned steel panels, with varying leaf thickness depending on the size or specification required in the final application.

The double skin construction provides excellent strength and stability, but also provides good levels of heat, cold and sound insulation and security too.

All the folding doors we offer are made to measure as standard and perfect for so many applications, industrial, commercial and domestic. The doors can be fitted behind, inbetween and also externally to the opening and offer effortless operation with minimal maintenance too, simply down to their basic design and operating method.

Why Choose Folding Doors on a Commercial Building?

Space Saving

In terms of headroom and internal tracking space, with folding doors you simply don’t need much at all. The door panels when open stack neatly to one or both sides and can also be turned to 180 degrees on some models for even more efficient stacking.

Easy to Operate

Manual operation for folding doors is simple and safe. Of course you can operate one leaf or some, or all, depending on how wide you need each time.

Insulation for Heat, Cold and Sound

Double skinned steel panels offer far more insulation than other single skin doors will. The average folding commercial door we offer is manufactured from 52mm thick, double skinned door panels, with a foam insulated core. Whilst you may not achieve tested and site installed U values, mainly because of the gaps between panels and the floor, the door does have very good panel U values.


Minimal Maintenance

Hinges, seals and tracks are about all that is involved with a manual industrial folding door, no springs, safety fall back devices or chains, etc. A folding door requires minimal servicing and naturally tends to be used in low use applications anyway. If the door is electric operated, then regular yearly checking and maintenance is unavoidable of course and should be carried out to maintain safety and smooth running.

Bespoke Sizes and Panel Arrangement

Purpose made sizes, different panel arrangements and sizes and the ability to have split door leaf operation to suit. These doors are very adaptable to the various customers' needs and any site and building restrictions.


Secure and Durable

Any double skinned steel door tends to be a very stable and strong door and therefore will offer greater resistance to attempted force and potential damage.

Our folding doors can have various locking options and also various locking positions as well as multiple locking positions too, all depending on your preference.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Folding doors can look great on any building, with or without windows.

So many companies want to look good these days and the doors and windows on a building contribute the majority of visual appearance. 

Even in our standard ranges you can have windows of all different shapes and sizes placed into almost any part of the individual door leaves. Various finishes are available to compliment or match in with surrounding colour schemes. Having symmetrical leaf arrangements or splitting the leaves with the pedestrian door options all changes the look for the door when closed.

Panel Arrangements

For openings up to around 12m wide and 6m high we offer several panel and gearing options but the actual door leaves can be arranged according to the width and tracking system used.

You can have a basic 3 door leaf system with all 3 doors going to one side or 2 folding and one hinged door arrangement for example. We can offer Bi Fold with equal numbers of door leaves or unequal, depending on site restrictions and customer requirements.

Vettoriali door 2+0+01  Vettoriali door 3+3+01   Vettoriali door 4+4+01

Samson Adone

Our most popular industrial folding door, the Adone, is based on a side hinged panel arrangement with a top track to support the door leaves and guide them to their open and closed positions. This type of door arrangement ensures an almost completely free floor for trip free access and minimal components for longevity.

The Adone offers 52mm thick double skin door panels with a maximum of 8 leaves and this would be bi folding with a 4:4 arrangement purely because of the support required either side.

The door can be specified to have one central panel operating as a pedestrian door, or if it is say 5m high you can have the door split at a sensible pedestrian door height (usually 2.1m) for easy access and operation.


Samson Apollo

The Samson Apollo is often seen as simply the bigger brother of the Adone with almost limitless sizes possible and varying leaf thickness depending on the size required. The Adone has top and bottom tracking for further stability and therefore larger sizes are possible.

All our folding door models can be manual or electrically operated, but so often customers have a folding door set simply because they don’t need to open the door fully very often and either have the pedestrian door access, or use maybe half the door only, when bi folding arranged.

Electric operation is perfect for larger doors or where the doors might open several times a day.

The pedestrian door option will solve many peoples problems with regular foot traffic.

As standard with folding doors in an industrial or commercial application, we suggest a deadman control with electric operation, simply because it usually negates the requirement for additional safety detection equipment, which is not as simple on a folding door system, with many potential pinch and entrapment points.

A simple hold to run wall mounted button system is the usual method and for outside control, either a key switch or similar.

We can of course specify the doors with impulse control, remote control, or even external trigger control, such as in fire station doors, where opening automatically is imperative when the alarm is triggered. Safety detection devices will be incorporated according to the site assessment and users involved.

Windows and Glazing

All our folding doors can incorporate vision panels, specific size windows and various glazing insert options. Whether it is one window in one door leaf, purely for checking external activity from inside, or you want a folding door for a showroom, with as much light and vision as possible.

We have windows which are cut into the steel double skinned panel or full glazing sections designed with an aluminium framework, for creating a fully glazed aluminium folding door with vision and light from top to bottom.