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14th October 2015

With the clocks about to go back this weekend it is time to ensure you have your security in order..

Darker Nights Ahead

The temptation for any burglar to break in is always far higher when he cannot be seen and the dark nights of Autumn and Winter provide this cover.
Samson offer a wide range of physical security products to help secure your business or home from would be intruders.

security grille protection

Don’t make it easy for any opportunist thief this winter. Lock any tools and items like ladders, screwdrivers and hammers that can be used to break into a property securely away and out of sight. It is also worth considering when your house or business keys were last replaced. If you’re at all worried, ask a professional locksmith to change your locks.

Don’t make your home an open door. You may want to install top and bottom bolts on French doors or add sash jammers to UPVC doors and windows. Side windows can be can be smashed to reach keys and gain entry so consider adding reinforced glass or any of the Samson fixed or removable security bars. Decorative external grilles and bars can also vastly increase the security of a home or business without spoiling the aesthetics. Never keep your keys in your locks or within easy reach of a door/window.

Light up your home and install security. Dusk to dawn or sensor lighting to the front and back door of your property will deter most potential thieves when they are exposed in a split second by a powerful light. Opportunistic thieves often approach houses that look like nobody is at home so consider installing light timers around the house (ensure one is upstairs) as the dark nights creep in or use a ‘fake TV’-type device that projects TV-like light onto a wall so it appears someone is home.

Remember to secure your outbuildings as these are often easilt fogotten about. While people are security conscious about their homes, they can easily forget about garages or sheds, where a lot of valuable equipment can gather. Wine, beer, large seasonal items, power tools and mountain bikes are often stored in garages. Ensure all outbuildings are locked and valuables inside are have locks and are security marked and Samson also do a very wide range of general security steel doorsets if you want to replace your access door with a steel door with a steel sub frame.