Glazed Doors: Supreme Security and Style

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9th November 2021

Glazed Doors: Supreme Security and Style

We know it is important to many in the commercial sector to maintain a certain aesthetic when investing in security products. That’s why we’re proud to have a diverse range of products that offer both style and security. We recognise the value in allowing passers-by to see within a venue at all times, whilst maintaining security around the clock, even during closing hours.


Being the integral purpose of the door, this is where we introduce the Vision Guard; a Secured by Design steel doorset with sleek and modern style.


Visionguard close imageVision Guard glazed door in commercial building





The Samson Vision Guard is a steel doorset manufactured with made to measure specifications, ensuring a perfect fit, and therefore optimal security, for every installation.


To achieve defiance against potential intruders, the Vision Guard is made in accordance between burglar resistance classed RC3 - RC5. Plus, it is officially certified as Secured by Design, an accreditation recognised by UK Police and insurers, and confirmation of the door’s durability during an attack.


Vision Guard glazed doorVisionGuard glazed door grey




The Vision Guard’s design is ultimately a glazed door, ideal for various applications, including offices, shops, airports, showrooms, and more. The glazed door offers a modern look that visually opens up a space, whilst segregating it when closed, and also provides vision through the door whether it is open or not.


This is vital for many environments, such as allowing for browsing during a shop’s closed hours, or closing off an office during a meeting, all whilst offering break-in resistance out of hours.


The doors are available in a huge range of colours to suit every building and environment, and so can be incorporated with the company branding.


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