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24th July 2018

Hormann Secured by Design on Industrial Sectional Doors

Hormann Sectional Industrial DoorsOne of our key leading manufacturers, Hormann, have recently obtained the Secured by Design accreditation on the SPU F42 and SPU 67 Thermo; two double-skinned, sectional garage doors produced primarily for industrial applications.

A product must undergo a thorough testing process to be awarded with such a certification, meaning the SPU F42 and SPU 67 are manufactured to a certain set standard. Therefore, these already high quality doors, by such a reputable brand, are now recognised by an initiative that works alongside the Police.

This accreditation is pivotal for a door with its purpose of being installed in a commercial environment, a place where safety and security is paramount, especially in a state of increasing crime rates and burglaries.


Why is Secured by Design a Valuable Accreditation?

Secured by Design is an initiative that was originally established to ‘design out crime’, especially in residential areas, but has now become recognised as a valuable certification on various types of product. In support of the UK Police, it aims to reduce crime by recognising physical security products.

Also, it highlights where manufacturers have invested in designing a product that is actively produced to keep people safe, as well as working to primarily prevent any potential intruders.


Hormann SPU Sectional Doors

The SPU doors are manufactured for commercial and industrial applications, offering strong and reliable operation.

Made to measure for the perfect fit, the doors offer insulating properties; this is especially relevant in regards to the SPU 67 Thermo, which boasts a U-Value of up to 0.51 W/(m².K) due to its 67mm thick door sections.

To find out more about the SPU sectional doors, simply click the buttons below to view them in the Samson shop.

Hormann SPU F42

Hormann SPU F42 Industrial Sectional Doors Secured by Design

View Hormann SPU F42 in Samson shop

Hormann SPU 67 Thermo

Hormann SPU 67 Industrial Sectional Doors Secured by Design

View Hormann SPU 67 Thermo in Samson shop