Largest Roller Door Widths Ever

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17th October 2019

The Hormann Rollmatic is leading the way...

Largest Roller Door Widths Ever

Manufacturing a roller garage door wider than 5 metres isn’t something to be undertaken lightly. However, we take pride in providing solutions for applications of all shapes and sizes, for domestic and industrial environments. So, we are very pleased with the new width sizes that have become available this year for roller doors thanks to the Hormann Rollmatic’s size increase.

The Issues with Large Roller Widths, Solved!
Specifying roller doors with large widths can cause problems: the deflection in the slats used is the first issue, which can arise causing a massive sag in the curtain when closed, and then causing damage over a period of time with excessive contact in the centre of the curtain. Getting the correct side guides for stability and then also connection methods between each slat and the correct motor drive is also a major challenge.
The most common double garage door size that we see in the UK is approximately 4.5m wide and 2.2 high, and so most are manufactured to these sizes. However, there is now an increasing demand for larger garages to be built due to the number of larger cars now being driven throughout the country. As a result, many domestic garages are measuring 5m wide, and we are finding more requirements of not only 5.5m wide, but also 6m or wide!
Most standard roller garage doors either single skin or double skinned will have a maximum width of around 5m, so where do you turn for wider doors than this?
Now available in widths of up to 6m and heights of 3.1m, we can now offer a quality, sleek roller door for larger domestic applications. This width is not available with any other manufacturer’s roller door range, with competitor’s offering widths up to only 5m, and so Hormann are currently leading the way in enhancing their roller doors and technologies for bigger applications.
Whether you’re looking for a large garage door for domestic or industrial applications, our expert team are the right people to find the right solution. Just give us a call!
Rollmatic can be manufactured to the largest widths available for any roller door