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28th May 2012

SWS offer one of the largest and most comprehensive range of solutions for physical security shutters and grilles in the UK.
Samson can supply these for your own installation or guide you through the process and survey and install them for you.

SWS Security Shutters

When it comes to physical security products Samson has one of the most comprehensive ranges available and they are all designed with quality and real security in mind. Using only the highest quality components in construction you will always get the very best for service, quality and longevity.
Cheap security shutters and grilles designed to be sold purley on price will nearly always cause you more hassle than you initially save when purchasing.
Most of the important parts of a security shutter cannot be seen as they are operating internally and cheap electric motors and internal components will fail very quickly in real working environments.
Choosing the right shutter for the application is the first hurdle, depending on size, amount of operations per day and actual expected levels of security against a forced attack will be the questions that need answering before looking at the right model is offered and specified.
Samson have been specifying and installing shutters since 1994 and know what gives the best results.
See the complete range of security shutters and grilles from market leading manufacturer SWS and you will always get a shutter or griller right for the application whether that be domestic or commercial.
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Whether you need solid and 'Secured by Design' specification, vision for retail premises, special colours for architectural purposes, extra large for larger windows and doors or even just a shutter to help with insulation and temperature control in a room then we have the shutter to suit.