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2nd November 2016

Shutters vs Grilles


External Shutters VS Grilles

Security measures for luxury homes

The choice between installing large external Security Shutters and compact internal Security Grilles isn't a choice to be taken lightly. Both offer a certain amount of protection, but knowing the differences may help you decide your best course of action.

With both options, Shutters and Grilles are typically fitted to easily accessible parts of the home; doors, windows and large sections of glass screens primarily on the ground floor. However, this is not limited, and they may also be placed on balconies or doorways you want to keep secure.

The obvious benefit of having these security measures is the protection for your home. There are some inherent negatives that it will make your home target, considering the increased security. Keeping an intruder alarm on is also recommended even in the unlikley case of extensive tampering and dismantling of a physical barrier. 

External Shutters come in a wide variety of customisable options with great protection values. Grilles are not as customisable, however their ease of use and simplicity as an intruder deterrant makes them an effective and low-cost solution.

External Shutters

- A visible effective physical barrier for delaying and outright stopping intruders, with the additional benefits of preventing anyone from viewing inside your property and protection from vandalism to windows.

- Require maintenance as they are exposed to the weather.

- Can come slatted to allow light into the home.

- Less effective in remote locations where neighbours cannot see and report tampering or attempted intrusions.

- Planning permission is required to be installed onto homes.

- May be denied installation in certain areas that will diminish aesthetic appeal.

- Could prevent emergency services from entering the building when down.

- Can open and close multiple shutters simultaneously all around the home with automatic opening.


Internal Grilles

- Acts as an additional physical barrier behind windows and doors to delay and prevent entry by intruders.

- Cannot be tampered with unless the initial window or door has been broken into.

- Planning permission not usually required however should still be checked.

- Retractable grilles allow sliding the grille in and out of view quickly and easily.

- Can be placed within doorways within the home.

- Allow light into the home.



For heavy all round security, Security Shutters provide the highest, most effective long term option, securing the doors and windows to protect from vandalism.

For light protection within the home, Security Grilles are the best option, being suitable for manual operation where only one or two doorways need protection.


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