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11th April 2012

Woodrite announce the launch of their enormous new range of up and over and side hinged timber garage doors making the largest timber garage door range in the UK

Woodrite Timber Doors

Launched in April the new Woodrite range of timber garage doors is the most comprehensive range of timber one piece up and over and side hinged doors now available in the UK with 5 main ranges all with unique features and also a range of hardwood Idigbo doors to offer a hardwood door to compliment Oak without the weight and problems associated with oak.

3 different door builds are available for the up and over doors - the Masta, Super Chassis and Solid range and traditional mortice and tenon jointed side hinged and personnel doors

Masta Range - A range of doors using a lightweight, strong aluminium framing system for the door panel with heavy duty retracable operating gear as standard and a range of timber or steel sub fixing frames
The Masta gear is also used in the solid build door range.

Super Chassis - A range of doors using a German derived system of a box section galvanised steel chassis with the added feature of the timber overlapping the face of the frame to offer timber only on the visible front face. The chassis system uses the very latest retractable mechanism with locking rods internally. Canopy gear is also available on doors up to 2438mm wide (8 feet)

Solid Build - A range of doors where the solid timber door panel is built first and then the Masta gear is is mounted directly onto the panel offering a door free from bracing on the internal face

Side Hinged and Personnel Doors - These doors are constructed using traditonal timber build methods with mortice and tenon joints. The side, top and bottom rails are all machined using 43mm thick timbers and rebated centre rails.

5 different individual ranges exist with door designs and sizes repeated quite often but with the difference of the way the door is built and the operating mechanism offered:

The Somerset Cedar up and over range
The Buckingham Cedar up and over range
The Balmoral Cedar up and over range
The Warwick Idigbo up and over, side hinged and personnel range
The York Cedar side hinged and personnel range

This might all seem a bit confusing but there are always good reasons to choose one type of gear over another but it may not always be obvious at first. Samson Doors can help you with this process and offer a keen price on any of the Woodrite doors, manual or remote control electric operated.

 Woodrite timber garage door - doors of the highest quality