markilux markilux 6000 full cassette manual patio awning fabric retractable awnings

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Background Information about this Product

6000 Full Cassette

Retractable Awnings

Manual Retractable Awning

Width: up to 2500 mm 
Projection: 1500 mm 
Material: Fabric 
Gear Type: Retractable Awnings 
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Modern & Innovative Awning Technology

The Markilux 6000's innovative properties can be found in each of the three ranges (detailed below), each of which is made to measure for your own specifications. The three ranges are segregated by their colour schemes and style, making the selection of a colour scheme that suits your home and garden easier than ever.

If you have no requirements for electric operation, the manual version of the 6000 also offers smooth and easy operation, a very viable choice.

Markilux 6000 Club

The 'Club' range consists of wonderfully bright and fresh colours that are perfect for those that want their awnings to make a colourful statement, working excellently to brighten up your outdoor space. In addition to the bright fabric covers, the cassettes of the 'Club' range are outlined with a colour (or no colour) of your choice, available to match the fabric awning if desired.

Markilux 6000 Studio

If you require an retractable awning that subtly suits the aesthetic of your patio and garden, the 'Studio' range contains the awning aesthetic for you. Consisting of shades of greens, blues, oranges and browns, your awning can beautifully become a part of the architecture, whether it is mirroring the shade of your brickwork or even your lawn. The glossy chrome frames of the cassette match your chosen fabric shade, created a wonderfully harmonised and complete appearance.

Markilux 6000 Lounge

Your patio, balcony or garden is sure to be complemented by an awning from the 'Lounge' range if you are the owner of a beautifully exquisite property. Offering an exclusive appearance, this durable awning model consists of a range of colours that showcase a subtle yet effective level of class; blues, yellows and oranges can be accompnied by the cassettes being crafted with wood effect or stainless steel webbing covers. If you wish to create the perfect accent, and the perfectly unified aesthetic, choose the 'Lounge' range.


The Markilux 6000 is an award winning, flagship model, full cassette awning and offers nearly every option possible for a retractable awning including LED lights, ShadePlus drop down valance, silentec motor drive. These desirable features are also in addition to optional designer end caps for additonal design features, as well as the bionic tendon which is actually a standard feature. This is truly a class awning for the very discerning buyer, an awning for the designer home.

New arm technology for the Markilux 6000 awnings, the so-called bionic tendon creates a friction free and virtually noiseless folding of the arms.


Maximum Width for Single Unit: 7 metres (approx. 23 feet)

Maximum Extension: 4 metres (approx. 13 feet)


Face Fixing Installation - Other fitting positions are available. Contact Us for more information

The cassette can be powdercoated in the following colours:
Traffic White - RAL 9016
Metallic Aluminium RAL 9006
Anthracite Metallic 5204
Off White Tectured Finish 5233
Havana Brown Textured Finish 5229**
Stone Grey Metallic 5215
**extended lead-times may apply

Choice of fabric colours available:
All fabrics are made from acrylic fabric and sunsilk snc.
A valance is optional - there is a surcharge for this.

The awning cassette is polyester powdercoated and the awning fabric is also coated so that particles of dirt and rainwater simply washes away.

The Markilux 6000 Awning is manually operated by the means of a stainless steel winding handle.


Installation Instructions available on request.

Any of the Markilux awnings require at least two people for installation. They are a very heavy item to lift and the fixings for the brackets must be appropriate for the type of structure they are being fixed to. Although it is possible to install these yourself it is advised to engage the services of a professional installer.


When measuring for any retractable awning take some time to see where the shading will actually occur as it is always best to try to fit the largest awning possible to truly control the shading. Although the pitch is adjustable the projection needs to be sufficient for your needs whether it is shading a room or creating an area to sit underneath and enjoy the weather without burning yourself.

The ordering sizes refer to the overall width of the awning including any framework or cassette and the fabric cover section will be slightly narrower. The projection is the distance the awning will extend out to when fully opened, bearing in mind when you have the awning cover sloping down the projection will be reduced depending on the pitch the cover is adjusted to. This can be calculated exactly if you know your trigonometry!

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