SeceuroBar Removable Window Bars

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SWS Seceurobar Removable Window Bars

SeceuroBar Removable Window Bars

seceurobar installed in a commercial environmentThe SeceuroBar is designed for lower security domestic and commercial applications where removal of the security device is an occasional requirement. An award winning system, SeceuroBar uses tough powder-coated steel bars which are locked in place on the inside of windows in either a vertical or horizontal format. Each bar is secured by strong extruded aluminium retaining units, yet the unique locking system means that they can be released in seconds. 

The maximum width for SeceuroBar is 3000mm however wider openings can be accommodated with an additional lock and set of bars. The maximum height for the bars is 2100mm when fitted with spreader bars, however a height of 1500mm can be accommodated without the use of spreader bars. The minimum width for removable bars is 250mm, and the minimum height for the bars is 200mm.

The bars are locked in place usinga 10 pin radial camlock system with over 5 million key combinations. The maximum number of SeceuroBar systems that can be keyed alike is 100.

How To Measure For A SeceuroBar

When measuring for any Seceuro product, it is imperative that all dimensions are given in millimetres to ensure the perfect fit is made. If you require a conversion from inches to millimetres, simply multiply the dimension in inches by 25.4.

It is important to check during surveying that the opening is suitable for the installation of a SeceuroBar. If the reveal is constructed from solid steel or a cavity then it would be better to face fix the system around the opening.

You must check that the reveal is straight and level.
NOTE: Any deflection of the bottom retaining unit will cause the mechanism to have a loose fit and stick. Packing strips can be used to make the reveal level. If the reveal slopes inwards or outwards, or the top retaining unit is not fitted firectly above the bottom retaining unit, the socket will not lock in the mechanism. The reveal should be levelled up with packing strips and re-measured.

When measuring, it is important that the dimension of the width (shown as A in the picture) is given first, before the dimension of the height (shown as B) to avoid any confusion. You must ensure that tight reveal sizes (in particular the height) are given when ordering. Failure to do this could result in the bars being cut too short and the level of security being offered is compromised.

If the height of the SeceuroBar you require exceeds 1500mm, it will require two rows of spreader bars. Spreader bars are used to reduce the deflection on taller applications and ease removal of bars.

It is worth clarifying that the SeceuroBar is an internal ONLY product and should under no circumstances be installed on the exterior of a building.

Installing A SeceuroBar

With a SeceuroBar, the system is manufactured to fit as close as possible to the window frame; this will avoid any unnecessary gaps for dust, dirt etc. to collect in. The top and bottom retaining units should be placed up by the window and the fixing positions marked with a pencil. The retaining unit can then be removed and create space to drill the appropriate hole. We recommend that the minimum fitting is 10 x 2" (50mm) countersunk wood screws. It is very important that countersunk screws are used; these will allow greater clearance in the top retaining unit. It is usually necessary to create a small recess directly below the lock position and to allow the bottom fitment to seat correctly. For wider or horizontal applications, the fixing plates can be secured within the retaining unit by using maskin tape or a small amount of silicone sealer (this will eliminate fixing plate movement). Before finally tightening the top and bottom retaining units the end caps should be moved out to the end of the opening, this will provide a neat and even finish to the system.

seceurobar being fitted into its jointWhen bars are fitted vertically:

Minimum reveal width: 250mm
Maximum reveal width:
(greater if multiple units are used)
Minimum reveal height: 200mm
Maximum reveal height: 2100mm
Maximum reveal height without spreader bars: 1500mm

When bars are fitted horizontally

Minimum reveal width: 200mm
Maximum reveal width: 2000mm
Maximum reveal height without spreader bars:
(greater if multiple units are used)
Minimum reveal height: 250mm
Maximum reveal height: 2000mm

Min Width: 250mm x 200mm
Max Width x Height: 3000mm x 2100mm
Max Area: 6.3sqm
Material: Steel / 5kg/m²
seceurobar  ant-cut steel tube 19mm diameter with angled profile locating and locking sections.