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security grilles for the UK property market

Security Grilles - Retractable and Fixed

SeceuroGuard Grille Range

The SeceuroGuard range of retractable security gates are designed to give maximum strength against an attempted forced attack. These high standards are achieved by using high quality manufacturing and componants, ensuring ease of use and effective security.

The range includes the SeceuroGuard 1001, which is Secured by Design. This certificaton means that the 1001 is recognised by UK Police and insurance companies, with a Level 1 LPCB security rating.

The simple and effective principal of a retractable steel secruity gate or grille has been an effective security deterrent for many years. The Seceuro system is one of the highest quality security grilles, with galvanised components powdercoated to a high standard, along with the option of an extra protective coating if the grilles are to be fitted externally. 

Security Grille Applications

It's a sad fact of modern life, but many UK households and businesses feel vulnerable to vandalism and attack on a daily basis, especially in the darker winter months and in larger towns and cities. Most modern buildings are installed with house alarms, but are they really an effective deterrent? How often have you heard a burglar alarm in full swing only to ignore it and think nothing of it, apart from being annoying? This leaves many properties and people feeling exposed and left in a defenceless position.

The Seceuro range of products, namely the SeceuroGuard, SeceuroShield and the SeceuroBar system were manufactured solely with high levels of security in mind whilst maintaining a high level of finish and quality unlike some systems which only warrant use in limited applications.

x lattice retractable security grilles inside a retail premises   collapsible security gates for doors and windows              

The Seceuroguard 1000 range offers high quality, made to measure retractable security gates for windows and doorways alike. The range offers an almost limitless size range with single or biparting opening options.
The gates are galvanised steel and are powdercoated to a high standard in a wide range of standard colours. Features include as lift up bottom tracks, hinged aside stacks, optional bottom tracks and various lock positions.

The Seceuroguard 1000 is ideal for Retail Premises, Offices, Commercial and Domestic Premises. It can be fitted in front of or behind glass, or where a manual lower cost option of physical security is required with single or multi-users. Unlimited widths are possible using sections that lock together on wider openings.
The level of light and vision is also very good with these types of security gates when closed.


Click here for information on measuring and ordering the SeceuroGuard 1000Click here to view the SeceuroGuard 1000 in Samson shop

secured by design rated collapsible security grilles   Seceuroguard insurance approved security grilles

The Seceuroguard 1001 is a Level 1 rated 'Secured by Design' version of the standard 1000 security grille and offers all the same options including the choice of an S or X lattice design for the gate. The 1001 has to be fitted in a specific method to enable certification to be valid.

Secured by Design is the official Police flagship initiative which supports the principals of designing out crime as much as possible with effective crime prevention and certain security standards which are tested and approved.

Even if the certification is not required, you can rest easier knowing these security grilles are tested to a level of resistance perfectly adequate for most households and commercial premises with a long time required to break through and gain entry along with a lot of noise!


 Click here for information on measuring and ordering the SeceuroGuard 1000Click here to view the SeceuroGuard 1000 in Samson shop

removable security steel window bars    Seceurobar removable security bars system

The SeceuroBar is a is a removable vertical bar system that uses a simple and effective top and bottom guide section. There is a hollow section to accomodate the individual bars which can be easily removed once released using a key lock.

These are ideal for use in envionments where the bars need removing.

The SeceuroBar is available in all sizes up to 3000mm wide & 2100mm.

Available with a tough white finish as standard, there are a variety of other colours available upon request to suit the premises.

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xpanda trackless security steel barrier    Xpanda security deterrent products

The Saftidor and Saftiwindow retractable gate system is ideal as an off the shelf solution for internal low to medium security applications and also securing off larger areas inside warehouses and other storage facilities.

The system comes in many standard width and heights but being trackless they are very adaptable only needing to be the same size or smaller than the opening to secure.

A cut down service is available if optimised sizing is required, ensuring an effective fit for optimal security.

This trackless barrier system is ideal for an easy and usable security system.  



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