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Glazing Options - An Overview

glass entrance doors

Windows are a fantastic way to let light into your home or business, and can add a personal touch to the look of your property. There is a huge range of window and glazing options available when it comes to front entrance doors, and this article is here to talk you through just some of the options.

First impressions are important, and the front door is normally the first thing a visitor or customer comes across when visiting a property. An old, dark and uninviting door will never give a good first impression, whilst a light and inviting door can set your property off on the right foot.

This short article will define some of the glazing options that are available with front entrance doors, and their advantages in domestic and commercial applications. Please note that the images are only for demonstrative purposes, all window options may not be available on all doors.

Window option

A small window can make a big difference. By choosing a front entrance door with a window, the living space behind that door becomes lighter, and a window can also provide some external vision for security or recognition purposes. 

Whether it’s a small porthole style window, or a larger sunrise window, the simple addition of a window can make the front of your property seem more inviting, light and fresh. Classic and modern styles are available, meaning you can create the perfect door for the front of your property. 

This style of window is recommended more for domestic applications, as a smaller window offers fewer benefits to a place of business and commerce. 

porthole window optionsquare window optionsunrise window option

Half/panel glass

half glazed door

Half glazed refers to a door that is essentially half glass. Where the door is divided into panels, one of these panels is made of glass. For domestic properties it is common to have this option frosted, or opaque in some manner. As with the smaller window option, half glazed doors provide a good level of light into the property, and can also help when identifying who might be at the door. 

This particular style of window provides a traditional and timeless appearance, as seen on the front of countless homes in the UK. With a huge number of frosting and design options available, this style of door can match almost any design style required. 

Half glazed is also a good option for business and commerce locations, as the window can provide potential customers with the opportunity to see into your business. The window can also lighten the property, creating a light atmosphere that may invite more footfall. The window panel itself is also conventional location for branding or identification visuals. Using the window as a space promotion helps your property stand out, and proudly declares what is behind your door. 

Glass door (Framed)

Many of our enquiries ask for a glass door, however there are two types that this could be regarding. This first option is more common, where a full panel of glass is framed by a steel or aluminium door. This type of door is seen regularly in commercial installations, as the full transparency is often not desired for domestic situations. In domestic locations, frosting and opacity options are available to add a level of privacy.

A framed glass door is perfect for entrances to lobbies, receptions or large commerce buildings. These doors can be doubled to provide a seamless entrance to a property, particularly when partnered with multiple sets of doors, or full height windows.  


framed glass door singleframed glass double doors

Frameless glass door

frameless glass door

The second type of glass door is a full glass door. This door has no framework, consisting of one pane of glass that makes up the whole door leaf. Hinges and handles are added to the pane, creating a fully glass frameless door. 

This style of glass door is suitable for internal and external applications, and provides unmatched levels of light into your property. Often seen in office situations, these doors blend seamlessly with surrounding windows, offering simultaneous feelings of expansiveness and privacy. 

Available in hinged or sliding operations, these doors can create a fantastic façade to a business, restaurant or other commercial situation. As with the other glass options, the glass itself becomes a valuable location for advertising or branding, allowing a business to make use of every inch of their property.

Perhaps surprisingly, this style of door can provide fire and smoke protection. The T30 all-glass door, for example, is designed to withstand fire and limit smoke travel, whilst offering full transparency and vision. This means that an edgeless, modern design can be achieved without sacrificing the safety values that other doors offer. 

Glass side elements

As well as windows within a front entrance door, there is also the option to add windows as side elements. Sometimes referred to as ‘side panels’, these elements are used to increase the size of the door to fit larger openings, but also increase the level of light entering through a doorway. 

Side elements come in a variety of styles, with a range of glazing options designed to complement and match the options offered with the doors themselves. 


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