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Hormann Rollmatic Roller Garage Door

 The Hormann Rollmatic is one of the very latest, and state of the art roller garage door options from Hormann. It combines all the very best elements of an insulated aluminium roller garage door into one complete package as standard, offering a high level of security, reliability and ease of use.  Every roller door is remote control electric operated as standard but a manual version is available if required.

Hormann Rollmatic roller garage door What is the Rollmatic?

The Rollmatic is an aluminium roller shutter garage door constructed from the highest quality double skinned aluminium foam filled slats to produce a very strong, smooth finish curtain that is always purpose made to suit the garage opening perfectly. It is remote control electric operated as standard with control of the door using any of the enormous range of current Hormann control accessories.

Standard operation is with 2 remote control handsets and an internal pushbutton on the control panel with integrated light.

Why is it so different?

The Hormann Rollmatic is a fully integrated roller garage door system with electric operation and features already fitted that are considered extras on most other makes of roller shutter doors. It is as safe, secure and reliable as the very best garage doors and will satisfy 95% of requirements for a domestic garage door without any extras added.

The external motor drive is different to all other insulated roller garage doors made in the UK as they all use internal tube motors.

The Hormann Rollmatic has been designed and manufactured using all the tried and tested technology of the existing Hormann 24V DC electric motor from their garage door operators, an operator sold in thousands every month across the world. Driving the roller door from the left hand side (viewed from inside) via a gear drive with  tension spring balance on the other side, the door balance is perfect. Manual override in a power failure is a simple pull cord release to then be able to open and close the door effortlessly rather than using a winding handle system. Of course a battery back up can also be fitted to take care of those awkward power cuts. 


What is the standard Equipment?

Everything is included in the basic package for most garage applications:

  • Internal impulse control panel with light.
  • 1 mini HSM 4 transmitter and 1 micro HSE 2 transmitter
  • Automatic safety cut out with obstacle detectionSoft start and soft stop
  • Emergency release from inside with pull cord
  • Full aluminium hood to enclose roll and provide fascia at front
  • Colour matched guides and fascia for ALL colours even Decograin finishes
  • Wind load rating Class 5 from standard storm anchors in the guides
  • Integrated mechanical door security kit Insulated fully colour finished surface

Integrated motor unit with manual release pull cord.
Motor unit with simple pull cord manual release

Rollmatic hood cover - standard feature
Full hood cover as standard
locking device for total security
Integrated mechanical security
What accessories are available?

  • Emergency exterior manual release
  • Emergency Battery back up
  • Acoustic door alarm security kit
  • Glazing sections (maximum of 10 in door)
  • All the Hormann accessories for control in the standard garage dor operator range including various transmitters, finger readers, card readers, timers and many more

What door colours are available?

The Hormann Rollmatic roller shutter garage door is available in Traffic White as standard however it is also available in 8 other RAL colours. The door curtain is surface coated on both the interior and exterior.


RAL 9016

RAL 3003


RAL 5013


RAL 6005


RAL 7016


RAL 7035


RAL 8028


RAL 9005


RAL 9006

The Hormann Rollmatic is also available in two decograin synthetic foil finishes; Golden Oak & Rosewood. Decograin finishes consist of a woodgrain effect exterior with a brown paint finish interior. High quality powdercoated finished colours and Decograin woodgrain finishes give a tough, low maintenance surface.

golden oak decograin finish
Golden Oak

A medium brown, yellow and gold surface with vibrant oak character

rosewood decograin for rollmatic doors

A reddish brown striped timber design

New Decopaint Finishes
Decopaint finishes
The New Decopaint Finishes gives a 'wood look' but in a painted finish rather than foil coated like the Decograin doors.

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What sizes are available?

The Rollmatic is manufactured to any size from 1900mm wide up to 5000mm wide (plus guides) and 1000mm high up to 3000mm high (only at 3500mm wide). The Rollmatic door can be installed behind or inbetween any structural opening and the guides and fascia will always be the same finish as the chosen door finish. Typical inside layout of the Rollmatic showing the motor and control unit with automatic light unit on the left hand side and the fully enclosed powdercoated hood for security and comfort inside the garage.

Ordering Sizes

The Rollmatic is different to nearly every other insulated roller garage door for the ordring sizes in that the ordering width is the required width INBETWEEN the guides and you have to allow for the 110mm guides on either side of the ordering size required.
The ordering height is the 'guide height' which is the same as all other roller garage door in the UK.

So think carefully when you order by first thinking whether the door is going to be installed inbetween or behind the structural opening of the garage. If you are installing BEHIND the opening then the width, in a perfect world, is the same as the opening width and the height should be the height of the floor to lintel PLUS the hangdown that you get with every single roller door, usually about 50 - 70mm assuming you have sufficient headroom to allow for this. This ensures you get the full drive through height when the door is opened.
If you are installing INBETWEEN the structural opening then the opening width is the structural opening dimension less 200mm and also less some tolerance for fitting, usually about 10mm to each side. The same applies to the height, take off the size of the hood cover and a bit of tolerance for fitting.


Hormann rollmatic installation guide
Easy Installation

Click here to view Hormann Rollmatic Installation Walkthrough Guide

The critical dimensions for specifying and ordering a Hormann Rollmatic garage door.

rollmatic ordering dimensions and references
A real image showing the inside of an installed Rollmatic door

Inside of Hormann Rollmatic in white finish

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