Hormann V 6030 SE Fast Action Doors

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Hormann V 6030 SEL Fast Action Door

Bringing you the Hormann V 6030 SEL, Hormann's fast external door with anti-crash protection. This product is designed especially for highly frequented routes of transport access. Fabricated with spring steel wind protectors, the twin track rollers situated at each side of the curtain ensure quiet door travel and reliable stops. This is an excellent solution for your frequently accessed building access routes with total reliabilty and safety.

Door Sizes

The fast action external door with anti-crash protection
External industrial doors are generally driven into more frequently than internal doors, e.g. by forklift trucks and delivery vehicles, so this is where the anti-crash protection system comes into its own. Downtimes and repair costs are considerably reduced with this design and the high speeds at which the high speed door opens and closes saves on year round energy costs too.

Spring steel wind protectors in curtain pocket
The twin track rollers at the sides ensure quiet door travel and reliable stops. Even wind pressures do not pose a problem thanks to the spring steel wind protectors.

Internal door/ external door; Wind protected design

Width (LB) max. 5000mm
Height (LH) max. 6000mm

Speed - inversion relay/ frequency converter controls
With standard FU control BK 150 FU E H
Max. opening speed 2.0 m/s
Max. closing speed 0.8 m/s
Optional control AS 500 FU E
Max. opening speed 3.0 m/s
Max. closing speed 0.8 m/s

Curtain Thickness
Fabric/ vision panel 1.5/2.0 mm

Wind Protection
Spring Steel Wind Protectors

Resistance to wind load 
EN 12424
Class 2, max. 100 km/h

Anti-Crash system
With manual restart

Inversion Relay Controls
Frequency converter controls on request

Emergency opening via emergency hand chain
Operator/ shaft cladding
Stainless steel version

Curtain Colours

RAL 1018 Zinc Yellow
RAL 2004 Pure Orange
RAL 3002 Carmine Red
RAL 5010 Gentian Blue
RAL 7038 Agate Grey

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