Fire Safety and Security During the Summer

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4th June 2018

Fire Safety and Security During the Summer

As the summer months approach, it is a good time to consider some important safety and security factors.

Various buildings are left unoccupied during many of the summer months, whether they be schools, colleges or factories that are undergoing a shutdown period. Therefore, it is needless to say that many of these will be valuable, yet often vulnerable buildings that should be vigilantly protected at all times, but especially once empty for a longer period of time.

Of course we provide numerous security products to ensure domestic, commercial and industrial premises can be adequately protected. However, under the circumstance of an important building being left unoccupied, it is often vital that even further precautions are taken to keep it safe and secure.

In correspondence to this matter, we offer the SeceuroFire flame shutter by SWS.

The SeceuroFire, in terms of security, acts as an ordinary steel security shutter that is electrically operated for convenience, and can be manufactured in a full range of RAL colours.

In addition to these security properties however, the SeceuroFire door is available in three ranges: Flame Shutter 60, 120 and 240, offering one hour, two hours and four hours of fire protection respectively. In the event of the door receiving the transmission of a fire alarm, the door will automatically close and subsequently create a fire resistant barrier.

Manufactured and assembled in the UK, the SeceuroFire is made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit can be made and optimum operation can be performed. A number of optional extras can also be added such as localised smoke sensors, heat detectors and visual devices.

If you are interested in increasing the fire resistance and security of your premises, give the Samson team a call, who can guide you through the products and options available.