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27th January 2013

 Our sales of insulated roller doors have never been so high in our 19 years of trading....

Insulated Door Sales Spiral

Sales of insulated roller and sectional doors as well as the superb 'Spiral' insulated door from Hormann, the HS7030 PU have never been so high.
Regular cold weather and the need for ever energy efficient warehouse and factory buildings fuels a lot of the demand but the sales are also helped by the sheer quality and technology of the latest doors we are able to offer to our customers. High speed doors constructed in a way that they are in fact 2 doors in one, an insulated roller door and a high speed door, giving the security and protection from the weather in one unique door package.
Take a look at the HSS 7030, it really is an amazing piece of engineering for the 21st century and an ideal product for the progressive business premises.
Our full range of high speed doors also offer a solution for every type of application from stainless steel componenets for the food industry and extra large doors for the busy warehouse or factory.

We also have a new range of car park doors in the form of either sliding or one piece up and over with the ability to open and close all day long, again with the minimal of wear and tear due to new technology and materials used in the mechanism. Steel and aluminium doors in a variety of designs and colours as well as the option of a pedestrian wicket door access built into the main door. Access control is available for every type of building small or large.

Samson Doors pride themselves on always offering the very best products at the most competitive prices to ensure the minimum of ongoing maintenance and associated costs, after all a low grade industrial door nearly always causes regular problems in operation of the door is not up to the job in the first place.
Many moving parts and large heavy components need high quality bearings, rollers and hinges, simple as that.

Whilst the economy in the UK may still be fragile what we see is when a replacement or new industrial door is required now the emphasis is far more on the quality than the cost as we all know that you only get what you pay for in this life.
Samson have commercial and industrial doors for the most prestigous and demanding of buildings and customers.

Call us now for prices on our superb range of high speed and insulated doors.

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