Roller Doors up to 36 metres wide!

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12th May 2017

Huge industrial roller doors for sizes up to 36m x 10m, or 18m x 12m. 

Roller Doors up to 36 metres wide!

Samson can now offer industrial roller doors up to 36 metres wide for the very largest of openings. 10 metres in height is also possible at this size and even higher, up to 12 metres for the doors up to 18 metres wide. We seem to get asked far more often for doors at very large sizes than before. Specialised buildings and specialised use means the occupants require these very large openings and with a large roller door comes some hefty safety requirements too. The wind loading for a start is the first issue to tackle making sure a massive roller door can actually withstand a reasonable storm with high winds. The second issue is stability and maybe even insulation from a double skinned insulated slat providing the strength and also insulation at the same time.

XXL industrial door

The Teckentrup XXL Roller Shutter system offer a system where a removable centre support provides the stability for a door at 36 metres wide which is in fact 2 no. 18m wide doors. The central support column detaches and slide to one side when the door required a full opening cycle. This is simple to operate and provides the wind rating when the door is closed. Obviously a door of this size is electrically operated as standard and there are a multitude of access systems to control the door as required.

Usually the only other industrial door systems to enable these super large sizes are sliding and folding doors and Samson has a great offering on these types of doors too.

XXL Industrial Roller Doors - PDF