markilux 1600 stretch electric retractable awning

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1600 Stretch

Retractable Awnings

Semi Cassette Electric Awning

Material: Fabric 
Gear Type: Retractable Awnings 
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Ideal For Narrow Applications

One of the most popular applications for retractable awnings is for narrow locations, such as on small patios or balconies. These spaces often require reliable shading, and this is where the Markilux 1600 Stretch excels.

The 1600 has been manufactured to award-winning standards, having achieved the IF Design Award due to its effortlessly sleek design, paying true credit to its excellent craftsmanship and construction by industry-leading Markilux.

Although specified for narrow applications, the 1600 can therefore offer greater projections; this is made possible due to the arms crossing over eachother. If width is restrticed, but projection is not, the Markilux Stretch may well be the perfect awning for you.

With the various additional accessories also available, such as spotlights and non-standard RAL colours, you are sure to achieve a retractable awning suited perfectly to your patio, creating a perfectly idyllic outdoor living lifestyle. 

Markilux 1600 Stretch Details

The full compliment of Markilux fabrc colours are available to choose from as well as options on the cassette and framework colour finish.

The 1600 is a semi cassette awning by definition but behaves pretty much like a full cassette in enclosing the fabric from above and the front with the unique shape of the cassette. The fabric cover is only seen directly from underneath so is protected from the UK weather. The reason for most semi cassette awnings is to accomodate the awning arms which cannot be contained inside a cassette or cover and are fitted to a carrying bar underneath the fabric roller.


Available in widths up to 4100mm

Available in projections up to 4000mm

The projections available allow this awning to cover very large areas in regards to length.



Face Fixing Installation - Other fitting positions are available. Contact Us for more information

The Markilux 1600 'Stretch' awning is semi-cassette awning with crossover arms to provide a larger projection than the ordering width. Its award-winning design has a rounded profile, giving the awning the appearance of a full cassette awning but full protectionof the cover fabric.

Made to measure and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards
Winner of the iF Design Award
Rated for wind speed class 2 (Beaufort 5)
Water resistant, dirt proof acrylic fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection
8 frame colours with over 200 fabric choices as standard
Choice of manual, electric or remote operation

Sturdy round steel torque bar, 50mm diameter to prevent twist and deflection. The 85mm roller tube for the fabric also ensures the highest rigidity and the best possible cover winding characteristics even at the largest awning widths.

Coverboard with an integrated brush so that larger pieces of dirt and debris cannot be drawn into the awning and are neatly brushed of.

Folding arms with perfected power transference by the twin, steel-link chains and direct coupling of the springs.


When measuring for any awning we do advise you do try to get as large as size as possible for maximum sun protection. All Markilux awnings have an adjustable main fabric cover for the angle of the cover. The projection of the awning can be stopped at any point between closed and maximum projection depending how much shade is required.

The dimensions for ordering are the OVERALL width of the cassette and the fabric will always be smaller depending on the awning model. The projection is the maximum distance when fully extended for the awning cover and front profile secton.

The wall brackets for installation will vary in their positions depending on the awning model and the width required.
2 brackets are the minimum for any awning, with up to 8 brackets required on very large awnings. For an awning like the stretch there will be extra forces on the structure it is fitted to by the fact that the projection will be greater than normal.

The fixing position is critical and the brackets are usually directly behind the position of the arms with some tolerance for positioning on many models.

Please make sure the intended structure for installation is suitable and if there are any doubts then speak to us about spreader brackets to spread the loads onto more stable sections if possible.

Call 0800 328 6250 for assistance