markilux 1700 stretch manual retractable awning

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1700 Stretch

Retractable Awnings

Manual Retractable Awning

Material: Fabric 
Gear Type: Retractable Awnings 
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Markilux 1700 Stretch

The 'Stretch' edition of Markilux's 1700 model is manufactured with the same excellently designed features of the standard 1700, however offers an increased projection and smaller width - please see explanation below.

The 1700 is one of many award winning awnings by Markilux, having receieved the 'reddot' design award, marking the awning as one of excellent and elegant design due to its modern appearance and mechanism.

What is a 'Stretch' Awning?

The 'stretch' version in the world of Markilux awnings refers to an awning where the projection can be greater than the width by overllapping the awning arms. This overcomes the physics of standard awnings and provides the solution where width is restricted but projection is not, or where a great projection is required for any reason.

Product Details

The manual version of the 1700 Stretch is operated via a stainless steel winding handle.

Offering all the usual refinements of any Markilux awning you have various framework colour options and the full Markilux fabric collection to choose from (over 200 fabrics).


Maximum Width: 400cm 

Maximum Projection: 400cm


Face Fixing Installation - Other fitting positions are available. Contact Us for more information


When measuring for any retractable awning take some time to see where the shading will actually occur as it is always best to try to fit the largest awning possible to truly control the shading. Although the pitch is adjustable the projection needs to be sufficient for your needs whether it is shading a room or creating an area to sit underneath and enjoy the weather without burning yourself.

The ordering sizes refer to the overall width of the awning including any framework or cassette and the fabric cover section will be slightly narrower. The projection is the distance the awning will extend out to when fully opened, bearing in mind when you have the awning cover sloping down the projection will be reduced depending on the pitch the cover is adjusted to. This can be calculated exactly if you know your trigonometry!

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