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Markilux 990 - Retractable Awning
Retractable Awnings
Full Cassette Electric Awning
Material: Aluminium 
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Web Price: £2,044.00
(Excluding VAT and £2,452.80 Inc. VAT)
Web Price: £2,044.00
(Excluding VAT and £2,452.80 Inc. VAT)
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Compact Retractable Awning

The Markilux 990 retractable awning is a beautifully compact, sleek and lightweight full cassette awning, constructed with an overall height of just less than 130mmm, making it an excellent solution where there is little room available for installation.
Best suited for patios, gardens, terraces or decked areas in mainly domestic environments, the 990 is an excellent choice for enhancing your days spent outside enjoying the sun but with shade for comfort.


The Markilux 990 is one of the best selling retractable awnings and mainly due to its sophisticated technology and appearance.The pitch of the awning is fully adjustable and, like any of the Markilux awnings, the cover can be adjusted to various projection points up to the maximum projection, allowing for total control of your shade during the day. All Markilux awnings are made to order in width along with various projection options. This is a made to measure awning at no extra cost..

It is an 'end fix' awning with only two fixing brackets for the wall required, situated at either end of the aluminium cassette, whatever the size ordered.

The compact, torque bar free design saves space and weight and offers an oval shape cassette when closed, with complete protection from the weather druing the winter or wetter months of the year.

The 990 is available as a manually operated awning, whilst the electric option has several control methods; from a simple wall switch and a hard wired motor, or a Somfy IO motor drive with full integration with the Somfy home automation system. Temperature sensors, timers, sun, wind and rain sensors as well as many other devices are all available to combine with the 990 awning providing a 'smart' and safe awning in all conditions. 


Maximum Width: 5000mm

Maximum Projection: 3000mm

Overall Height of Awning: just less than 130mm, making this an ideal solution where little room is available


The Markilux 990 awning is available up to a maximum width of 500cm and a maximum projection of 300cm.

It is ideally a domestic awning and should be used primarily for sun shade but like any unsupported retractable awning it can be used in light rain if the cover is set at a minium pitch of 14 degrees to allow the rainwater to flow off the cover efficiently. The awning has an integrated gutter system and hidden water drainage sprouts to avoid water build up, although use in heavy rain and high winds is completely at the users responsibility. There are published tests for the wind speed rating available if required.


Face Fixing Installation - Other fitting positions are available. Contact Us for more information

Markilux 990 awning dimensions

The cassette can be powdercoated in the following colours:
White RAL 9016
Brown (similar to RAL 8019)
Metallic Aluminium RAL 9006
Anthracite Metallic 5204
Stone Grey Metallic 5215
Off White Textured Finish 5233
Havana Brown 5229*
*extended lead time applies

Choice of over 200 fabric colours available:
All fabrics are made by Markilux in house with a choice of 'Sunsilk', 'Sunvas' and other designer 3D fabrics.
A valance is optional - there is a surcharge for this.

As standard, the Markilux 990 awning is manually operated by the means of a stainless steel winding handle. Optional electric hard wired motor or radio controlled motor with remote control operation can be fitted.

The Markilux Vibrabox reacts to vibrations. It can be fixed to the inside or outside of the front profile (depending on the awning model) without requiring a power supply cable. You can choose from three different levels of sensitivity. Battery powered so no power supply or cabling required. It is designed to retract the awning in high winds and avoid damage.

To view the Markilux Patio Awnings Colour Brochure, please click here PDF >


Installation Instructions available on request.

Any of the Markilux awnings will require at least 2 people for installation. They are a very heavy item to lift and the fixings for the brackets must be appropriate for the type of structure they are being fixed to. Although it is possible to install these yourself it is advised to engage the services of a professional installer.
This is prbably the easiest full cassette awning for installation using only 2 end fixed brackets. The most important factor is a good anchor fixing to the wall structure and it must be determined the wall is capable of taking the forces an awning can apply when there is even a light breeze.

A retractable awning should never be fitted to the top of a single stroey brick structure without the addtional use of 'spreader brackets' to take the fixing pressure down the lower part of the singlel storey structure and not just to the top section where there will be no compression and therefore no strength in the wall for a downward or upwards force applied.


Markilux awnings carry a 2 year general warranty for use in a domestic application and a 5 year warranty on the motor drive unit.

Exat details on all warranty details are available on request.


When measuring for any retractable awning take some time to see where the shading will actually occur as it is always best to try to fit the largest awning possible to truly control the shading. Although the pitch is adjustable the projection needs to be sufficient for your needs whether it is shading a room or creating an area to sit underneath and enjoy the weather without burning yourself.

The ordering sizes refer to the overall width of the awning including any framework or cassette and the fabric cover section will be slightly narrower. The projection is the distance the awning will extend out to when fully opened, bearing in mind when you have the awning cover sloping down the projection will be reduced depending on the pitch the cover is adjusted to. This can be calculated exactly if you know your trigonometry!

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