Samson adone steel folding doors

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Adone Steel Folding Door
Folding Doors
Sizes up to 11.5m x 6m
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Folding 
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The Samson Adone is a double skinned steel panel construction folding door for use mainly externally on buildings of almost any type. Domestic, commercial and industrial applications can all benefit from the features of the Adone folding door.
52mm double skinned steel insulated panels, available in various configurations and made to measure up to 11.5m wide and 6m high.
The main feature for this superb folding doorset is there is no bottom track required and all the support is from the hinges at the sides and a top track to guide and stabilise the door panels when operating.

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The Samson Adone is a double skinned steel panel construction folding door for use externally on many types of domestic, commercial or industrial buildings.
Manufactured from 52mm steel double skinned panels with a foam core for insulation, strength and stability.

Side hinges with top tracking for stability when operating. No bottom tracking required on any of the sizes offered up to 11.5m wide and 6m high.

Available as a manual or electric operated door with a wide variation on door leaf arrangement. Up to 8 leaves in total and available as single parting or bi parting doors.



Any opening up to 11500mm wide and 6m high requirign a double skinned steel folding door with the option for a pedestrian inset door for easy daily access in and out of the building.

Suitable for any opening where a clear floor access is required. Industrial, commercial or domestic applications.



 Standard Specification and equipmentTrack support brackets for 90° rotation opening. 

Trolleys with 4 nylon coated wheels with dustproof ball bearings. 
Black lacquered die-cast aluminium hinges with bearings and pins of 20 mm. 
Black lacquered steel lever bolts, with black lacquered galvanized steel closing rods. 
Galvanized steel floor lever bolts and transom strikers. 
Adjustable die-cast galvanized steel ground joint for wings lock. 
Internal handles for the handling operation of wings. 
Spacer rubber buffers for wings folding. 
Panel standard colour, Smooth surface: External side White-Grey; Internal side White-Grey. 
Panel standard colour, Stucco embossed surface: External side White C21; Internal side White C21. Aluminium label with door identifying  data, CE marked and main instructions. 
Assembly instructions, maintenance handbook including certificates.

Alternatives to this product