Samson adone steel folding doors

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Adone Multi Purpose
Folding Doors
Max. Width 11.5m Max Height 6m
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Folding 
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The Samson Adone is a double skinned steel panel construction industrial folding door, mainly for use externally on buildings of any type. Domestic, commercial and industrial applications can all benefit from the features of the Adone steel folding door.
52mm double skinned, steel, insulated panels as standard, available in various configurations and made to measure up to 11.5m wide and 6m high. This folding door is perfect for so many varied applications and offers greater accessibility over most other door types. Single or bi folding panel configurations.
The main feature for this superb folding doorset is there is no bottom track required and all the support is from the hinges at the sides with a top track to guide and stabilise the door panels when operating.
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The Samson Adone is an industrial and commercial specification double skinned, steel, insulated, folding door system. Used mainly for external openings this folding door can be manufactured to suit various openings every time, with either a single or double parting leaf arrangement.
The standard double skinned steel panel is 52mm in depth and can be manufactured up to 11.5m wide and 6m high in this specification. Larger sizes are possible and we also have the Apollo door system for much larger opening sizes. The panel thickness will change on much larger sizes to offer the performance and strength required.Industrial folding door in woodgrain finish
A folding door offers so many benefits over many other industrial door systems.  Many of the doors we supply and manually operated because they are generally used for external openings where the opening and closing cycles are low. A folding door system will enable a user to open one leaf for pedestrian access, or partially open a little further when required, never having to open the door fully, exposing all the internals and letting heat out or cold in.
Wing folding door to 90    
Wing folding to 90 degrees

Wing folding to 180 degrees

Wing folding to 180 degrees

Pedestrian Door Option
It is possible, depending on the leaf arrangement, to always have one door panel used as a full height pedestrian access door. This is very useful for so many companies and operations where regular access is required on foot.
You can also have a pedestrian door built into a full sizes panel either as a full width panel cut at a normal pedestrian door height, or as a pedestrian door completely cut into a full panel. Either option provides a simple and easy operated door into and out of the building without the need to even touch the main door.
Manual or Electric
Most folding doors will be manually operated as they are so easy to manouevre anyway and with the multiple options on the panel arrangements you can make it easy for partial opening to be the main action and leave most of the door closed for the majority of the time.
The smooth sliding action of the top hanging roller system guarantees an effortless operation once the locking has been released. Small to medium sized doors will be top hung with no bottom tracking required at all for the easiest of movement.
Motorisation mechanism for Samson Adone steel folding door system
Electric operation is possible on any size door with single or bi parting leaf arrangements and the chain driven system is simple and reliable as there is minimal stress on the electric motor drive. Single and three phase motor options are offered depending on the potential number of operations per day and how large the doors are.
Access control is generally best as a ‘hold to run’ deadman control as a folding door has multiple entrapment points, although these are compliant with the gap sizing and rubber seals used to prevent any injury to fingers. Safety systems can be specified where necessary if the door is near a public area or impulse or remote control is required.
Colours, Finishes and Options
The Samson Adone folding doors have a wide standard range of finished colours to choose from along with laminated woodgrain finish options.
You can also choose to have a smooth or stucco embossed front face finish to suit your taste.
Standard colours include:
We can also price for special colours where required to suit specific needs.
External face and internal face colours can be different to suit the clients requirements on site.
Various double glazed window options can be built in to the panels in almost any position to suit.
Round, square and rectangular windows can be offered but also a fully glazed door option with minimal framing for maximum light and vision.
We can also build in venting grilles and other useful panel inserts to suit the application.
Fixed panels which never open can be incorporated into the overall door system when it is simply about creating a door and infill to match, all of which are insulated.

Small, medium and large openings where headroom might be an issue and internal tracking is a problem. Folding doors offer a great degree of flexibility in how the door leaves are arranged to suit site restrictions. Folding doors offer insulated double skinned panels and are great for any openings which are not required to be opened very often, but where pedestrians access frequently.


Example of measuring diagram for Adone 4+4 configuration

8 panel industrial folding door arrangement

Example of measuring diagram for Adone 4+1 configuration

Example of measuring diagram for Adone 4+1 configuration

Example of measuring diagram for Adone 2+4 configuration

Example of measuring diagram for Adone 2+1 folding door configuration

Standard Specification and equipment:
- 52mm double skinned galvanised steel panels with a foam core.
- Track support brackets for a standard 90° door panel rotation opening. 
- Trolleys with 4 nylon coated wheels and dustproof ball bearings. 
- Black lacquered die-cast aluminium hinges with bearings and pins of 20 mm. 
- Black lacquered steel lever bolts, with black lacquered galvanized steel closing rods. 
- Galvanized steel floor lever bolts and transom strikers. 
- Adjustable die-cast galvanized steel ground joint for wings lock. 
- Internal handles for the handling operation of door leaves. 
- Spacer rubber buffers for wings folding. 
- Panel standard colour, Smooth surface: External side White-Grey; Internal side White-Grey. 
- Panel standard colour, Stucco embossed surface: External side White C21; Internal side White C21. 
- Aluminium label with door identifying  data, CE marked and main instructions. 
- Assembly instructions, maintenance handbook including certificates.
Technical diagram of Samson Adone Insulated folding door

We can supply only or offer a full survey and installation service for any of our steel folding doors.

Installation for the Adone is relatively easy and we offer full installation instructions and assistance in specifying and ordering.

A full drawing will be supplied for your review before manufacturing begins.

Measuring for an Adone folding door is relatively simple as the doors either fit inbetween the aperture or face fit behind using the standard aluminium outer frame system for securing. As the doors only use a top track system there is little to be over concerned about, apart from the width and height accuracy, some headroom and side room if fitting internally and of course a level floor.

Frame for Samson Adone folding door

If you would like to fill out our simple measuring form to then discuss options please download here, then scan and email to our direct email - with your requirements.