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The Samson Adone folding door is a superb steel folding door solution for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is a made to measure door system as standard and available up to 14m wide and 6m high in multiple leaf variations as required on site. Using double skinned steel panels as standard this is a great door for many openings and to be considered over any roller shutter or sectional door option.

This is a folding door system perfect for many applications. It is simple and easy to operate at any size, manual or electric and with insulated steel panels as standard also comes excellent stability, strength and security, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.



Because the Adone has no ground tracking it is perfect for so many varied applications, domestic, commercial and industrial. From a simple 3 leaf door with a 2:1 split at say 3m x 2.1m right through to a large 8 leaf bi parting door at 14m wide and 6m high, all without any floor tracking required.

We see these folding doors fitted on garages, showrooms, factories, schools, warehouses, retail shops and general buildings of any kind where one of the main considerations tends to be access on foot or a desire to only open the doors partially most of the time. Of course the other benefit of no internal tracking, springs or vertical operation, requiring safety measures is another large driving factor.

Panel and Door Arrangements

You choose the door leaf arrangement to suit your requirements. Whether you have 6 door leaves all opening one way, or 3 opening to either side, or 4 to one side and 2 to the other, and so on. It is up to you and your building requirements. You can even have a pedestrian door inset onto a main door panel or have one panel split to operate as a pedestrian door entrance without ever opening the rest of the door.

Simple to Operate

Manual or Electric Operation

52mm Double Skinned Steel Panels as Standard

No Floor Tracking Required

Multiple Variations in Door Leaf Arrangements

Wicket Door Option

Panc Furniture Option on Wicket Door

Window and Vented Grille Options

Max. Width 14m

Max. Height 6m


The standard door leaves are 52mm thick and consist of 2 galvanised steel sheets, pre finished and with either a smooth finish or a stucco effect if required. Polyurethane foam infill injection bonds and stiffens the steel panels whilst providing insulation against heat, cold and sound.

The upper and lower end of the panels are closed by Sallox black tarnish aluminium profiles, upper and ground sealing with brushes fixed on the profiles. The lateral ends of panels are provided with tubular rubber EPDM double lip gaskets that ensure 50 mm. space for safety between wing and wing and between wing and jamb.

No Floor Tracks!!

The main feature of this steel double skinned folding door is the trackless system on the ground. No floor tracking is required and all the door leaves are supported by the side hinges and sub frame with an upper sliding track to help manage the weight and any door leaf sag.

Various configurations for the number of panels and whether you have single or bi parting leaves give rise to various upper track configurations. As standard of course when you open up the laves they will al stack to one side at 90 degrees to the aperture and take up space as a door leaf stack. You can however configure the top track to enable the leaves to fold back up to 180 degrees and be out of the way completely to provide a full opening width.

All of this is done without any bottom guide or tracking. The only floor fixed components are the steel plates to receive the locking rods and a further steel plate for the location of the guide pins putting the leaves firmly into their closed position.




Bi folding steel doors

Open one side only

Inbetween installation of tracking

Installation in the opening, soffit fitted

face fitting of tracking

Installation - face fit

Aluminium Frame System

door panels folding for maximum width of opening

Panels folded to 180o

standard door panel folding

Panels folding to 90o


Outer Fixing Frame

The entire door, regardless of arrangement, is fitted within an extruded aluminium sub frame system with multiple grooves for different fixing angles and the attachment of hinges, gaskets and wall brackets. The upper transom has a fully adjustable bracket and also supports the sliding guide. The whole frame is designed to be adjustable to take up adjustments required on site when walls and lintels are maybe not quite square.

The Adone can be fitted to the inside face of the aperture or also inbetween with some additional trimming sections for the outer frame when fitted inbetween.


Standard Equipment in Standard Door Panel System

Track support brackets for 90° standard rotation opening.

Trolleys with 4 nylon coated wheels with dustproof ball bearings.

Black lacquered die-cast aluminium hinges with bearings and pins of 20 mm.

Black lacquered steel lever bolts, with black lacquered galvanized steel closing rods.

Galvanized steel floor lever bolts and transom strikers.

Adjustable die-cast galvanized steel ground joint for wings lock.

Internal handles for the handling operation of wings.

Spacer rubber buffers for wings folding.

Panel standard colour, Smooth surface: External side White-Grey; Internal side White-Grey.

Panel standard colour, Stucco embossed surface: External side White C21; Internal side White C21. 

Aluminium label with door identifying data, CE marked and main instructions.

Assembly instructions, maintenance handbook including law certificate.


Standard Colours

(Refer to brochure and find colour images to match codes)

Optional Equipment

Track support brackets for opening at 180° wing folding.

Ground track sinking in the floor.

Standard colours lacquering available for the inside, for the outside or for both sides.

Special colours lacquering available in RAL sample-card colours/Micaceous.

Inserted pedestrian door with ground step, inserted in the wing and with frame in Sallox black tarnish aluminium profiles, provided with lock (key included) and inner and outer handle or push-bar anti-panic handle with 3 closing points with or without external lock.

Cut Wing, with anti-panic handle 2 closing points, with or without external handle and lock.

Coupled glazed inspection windows 5+5 with rubber EPDM gasket, round or rectangular with rounded corners.

Pre-lacquered aluminium ventilation grilles.

Pre-lacquered insulated upper stationary panel, available in the same colour of the coat.

Folding cover insulated filling panel, available in the same colour of the coat.

Chain guard and track cover in pre-lacquered sheet.




The Samson Adone insulated steel, folding doorset is a modern solution for so many openings and customers alike. We are obsessed in the UK with rolling shutter doors because of their perceived flexibility and tidy operation and mechanism, however there are too many low specification, cheap roller doors on the UK market and they offer nothing in terms of performance, durability or longevity. A cheap roller shutter door is a waste of time in reality and will be replaced in no time at all.

A folding double skinned steel door offers solid durable panels, insulation, security, ease of operation and the greatest flexibility in providing a solution for pedestrian access without opening the whole door every time. This is either with an actual pedestrian door set into one panel or one of the door panels being split to offer access with separate hinging and locking.

Maintenance will be almost non existent on a folding door system, where a roller door will need a lot of maintenance over time and has multiple small components, all affecting the door operation when they wear or fail.

Every door is made to measure and in terms of cost, they stack up against almost any other door type especially where insulation is offered along with a facility for a pedestrian access door.

A folding door will give far greater control of access and climate in your building than most other doors by offering the ability to enter and exit with minimal exposure to the outside elements.