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The superb steel industrial roller shutter door range from Samson offers a door solution for nearly every application. A more robust alternative to the aluminium shutters and for use mainly as external ‘doors’ more than shutters over existing doors and windows. 

In the range are single skin steel and double skinned, insulated models, all with varying specifications to give a solution to your application, whether that is insulation, security, high speed operation and other features already built in.

We have combined the best components for the various models offered for the best performance and overall integrity, which gives rise to reliability and longer lifespans.

Fully Compliant

Most importantly for the commercial and industrial world all the Seceurodoor roller doors are CE or UKCA marked and are fully compliant with the latest regulations in the UK.

All the doors are manufactured entirely in the UK and will have the various certifications depending on the specification to prove their performance and compliance.

We have approved LPCB products as well as LPS1175 level 1 and level 2 certification models for peace of mind with security. For any electric operated doors we ensure you can only buy products which will meet the requirements of the Supply of Machinery regulation 1992 and doors will be manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12453:2001 and include all relevant safety devices depending on the controls and accessories used.

Safety brakes are included in all doors requiring such safety and nearly all the doors use the world renowned GFA electric motors and controls, the highest specification motor drives for industrial and commercial doors. Extended warranties are available when specifying the GFA motor units, a unique offering in the world of industrial doors.


Quality as Standard

With a fully compliant specification and range of roller shutter doors comes higher quality all round. Accurate cutting, higher quality components and constantly checked processes throughout the manufacturing to produce consistent results.

High quality colour finishes provide the best site appearance and a wide choice of plastisol, powder coating and even laminate finishes are available.

Just some relevant points on quality:

  • Universal, laser cut, folded endplates for greater strength
  • Pre slotted holes for inset and outset angles and fixing
  • Deburred door edges for safer and easier installations
  • Pre drilled guide channels with low profile bolts
  • Slotted top slat instead of attachment strips for greater flexibility on site
  • Pre drilled axle and RivNuts instead of welded nuts or studs for ease of installation

We like to think that if you decide on a roller door for your premises you have the best quality possible and real value for money. A badly built roller door will disintegrate faster than any other door type simply because of the amount of moving parts and contact. Give yourself the best reliability and longest lasting door, with high quality build and components.


Insulated Roller Doors

For further informatino about insulated roller doors, click here

With the energy costs ever increasing the need to insulate buildings has never been more important. So many roller doors are just flimsy, single skin steel construction, offering almost no performance at all, just performing as a basic barrier between inside and outside.

A modern insulated roller shutter door will provide you with far more than just insulation. The double skinned steel construction has far more strength which means better security too and another benefit is the door will not rattle in the wind like a single skin door can do.

The double skin slats sit heavier on top of each other to form a far stronger curtain overall with generally greater wind ratings (depending on guides used).

Fast Operation

As the insulated curtain sections are far stronger it is possible to build the roller doors with more powerful and faster motors, enabling much faster opening speeds.

So many properties have older, basic roller shutters with a low powered and often heavily geared motor drives, which can take minutes to open rather than seconds. On a door opening several times a day this can be painful.

Take a look at any of our ‘higher’ speed roller door options where we incorporate the superb GFA variable speed motor drive system, which also provides the right ratings for high usage applications too.
We find so many business owners contact to discuss fast action door options only to find out what they really need or want is simply a faster door than they have because the existing door is such a low specification. The difference in opening speed on a 5m high door can be close to a whole minute!! We have recorded standard roller doors taking around 75 seconds to open fully and then a higher speed motor drive on one of our Seceurodoor 95 doors taking around 15-20 seconds to open fully.

We do offer traditional high speed fabric curtain doors in our range and also the very latest high speed spiral doors which can open in around 2-3 metres per second, but most people genuinely just want a faster roller door we find.



Take a look at our Seceurodoor 95 FAST range >



Our Best Selling Ranges

seceurodoor 77 insulated roller doors

The SeceuroDoor 77t is a relatively unique insulated roller shutter door on the UK market using a 77mm steel double skinned slat with a 15mm depth. It is a ‘continental’ style guide set up, meaning the guides are in line with the outer edge of the endplates which support the barrel and curtain. This means the installation is straightforward and very neat and easy when there may be a tight fit on site. It can be installed behind but also inbetween an opening easily and because the roller door uses a barrel motor the motor drive is inside the barrel and out of sight and out of the way.

It is very well priced for an insulated commercial roller door and can be powder coated to any colour of your choice including the guides and hood cover which would always be recommended with any insulated roller door installation.

seceurodoor 75 traditional steel roller shutter doors

The SeceuroDoor 75 is probably the most appropriate roller shutter door for most industrial applications with a choice of single phase or 3 phase motors providing the electric drive and overall durability. For applications with regular all day use this is the roller door to specify and with a choice of electric motors including the GFA (Guthry Douglas) motor you have the flexibility to manage your door operation speed.

Sizes available up to 7000mm x 7000mm cover most apertures in most buildings and with the wide range of access controls this is a roller door you can rely on for providing the most reliable and effortless daily use.

The curtain is a single skin galvanised steel in a choice of gauge and with an option of powder coat finishing to any RAL colour but also the option of a plastisol curtain if matching existing building cladding is essential.

All the roller doors are made to measure to the millimeter.

With the SeceuroDoor 75 you also have the option of a pedestrian wicket door inset into the main roller door curtain for ease of access if you have a lot of pedestrian daily traffic.

There is also the option of the perforated slats to provide 25% light and vision in the curtain in any section required or the whole curtain.

seceurodoor 77 insulated steel roller door

The SeceuroDoor 77 is an insulated version of the SeceuroDoor 75 using a double skinned steel lath in a galvanised finish as standard, but with the option of almost any RAL or BS colour. You can have a single or 3 phase motor drive with an inboard or direct drive motor unit providing a durable and reliable electric operation.

seceurodoor 95 steel insulated roller shutter system

The Seceurodoor 95 uses a double skinned steel lath with a high thermal insulation. The 95mm is a super strong slat providing a roller door of up to 7000mm on width and 7000mm in height. The 95mm slat is specially manufactured with CFC free foam infilling the steel double skinned sandwich and makes a very strong curtain with little deflection and no rattling in wind to notice. This is an insulated roller door but with the strength in the curtain just as important in the decision making. It is an ideal roller door to replace any insulated sliding or sectional type doors. it is a roller door providing a superb barrier for the external fabric of any insulated building or simply for extra strength in construction.

seceurodoor 100 insulated roller door for larger openings

The SeceuroDoor 100 is another fantastic choice of roller door with a 100mm deep and very thick double skinned steel slat. This door has a 23mm thick lath construction and a wind rating of 5 compared to 3 for most other doors. It has the option of vision sections and is available up to 7000mm x 7000mm with either a single or 3 phase motor option and further options on the motors and controls as expected. This is a great roller door for large openings in exposed locations or where higher levels of insulation are required.

seceurodoor 75c chain operated manual roller door

The SeceuroDoor 75c is a chain operated manual version of the electric driven 75 with a maximum width of 5500mm. It is ideal for very low use openings or where there is no power at all such as in a remote farm building or private storage building. The curtain is a galvanised steel 75mm deep lath construction with a chain drive mechanism to one side.

seceurodoor 77c insulated door roller shutter

A quite unique insulated manual roller door in a 77mm deep steel section lath.

With the additional weight the maximum size is 5000mm wide and 4000mm high but this door has many applications where insulation and strength may be required, gain in exposed locations or where the building is heated in any way.