SWS Seceuroglide Roller Shutter Garage Doors

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Seceuroglide Roller Shutter Garage door

The fully CE marked made-to-measure roller shutter

Combining great design and exceptional build quality, the SeceuroGlide range of aluminium insulated roller garage doors offers attractive, effortless protection for your home.

It was the original insulated aluminium roller garage doors to be developed solely for the UK market and has gone on to be the most technically developed in so many unique ways. It is one of the quietest by far during operation and also when closed with no rattling plastic end locks driving you mad in windy conditions.

With remote control electric operation as standard, the SeceuroGlide series blends the convenience of power operation with smooth, vertical opening and the benefits of insulation to provide the perfect solution for any garage.

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Renowned for innovation and packed with unique features, the original SeceuroGlide is the market-leading insulated roller garage door with security features others do not have.

For those demanding the very highest security specification, the SeceuroGlide Excel was the first garage door available to be tested and approved to official UK Police and Insurance standards. It offers a 'secured by design' status for reassurance in the best security possible from a domestic building product.

For garages with particularly limited headroom, the SeceuroGlide Compact exists. Constructed with a narrower slat profile, garages of every size can now enjoy the advantage of an insulated roller door even with the smallest of internal headroom.

The Seceuroglide manually operated roller door also provides a high quality insulated roller door where electric operation is not possible or not required.

SWS Seceuroglide Colour Finishes

Burgendy Ivory Metalic Silver Heritage Green Teak
Burgundy Ivory Silver Metallic Heritage Green Teak
Brown Light Grey Anthracite Black Navy Blue
Brown Light Grey Anthracite Black Navy Blue
Fir Green Light Beige White Cedar  
Fir Green Light Beige White Cedar

SWS Seceuroglide Installation Positions

Due to the highly adaptable nature of the Seceuroglide insulated roller door, it can be installed in a variety of different ways.

With all these options for installation you also have the option of using either a half box or full box hood cover for the roll in a choice of colours. The hood covers the roll completely for neatness, extra safety, or when you are installing outside the garage.

Behind Fit

behind fitting

Face Fit

face fit

Inbetween Fit

Inbetween fit

  • Roller Curtain

    Alulux foam filled slat in a choice of 12 standard colours      ✔
    LPC and SbD approval on Seceuroglide Excel - Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    Doors are delivered by own transport minising risk of damage through mishandling      ✔
    All parts protected by manufacturers 2 year warranty      ✔
    10 year warranty on laminated finishes      ✔
    Packed in bubble wrap, polystyrene and cardboard to reduce potential of damage- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    Chamfered "shoulder" ensuring that water runs off and results in lower likelihood of marking on curtain- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    Double ribbed design      ✔
    Webbing used to keep slats together which is stuck and screwed in place.Benefits of this are:- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    Webbing slightly increases coil diameter resulting in a quicker operating door than the end-locked version      ✔
    The door immediately "lifts" when transmitter is activated unlike end-locks which have to gather the slack in the curtain- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    The security is enhanced as each slat is secured in place and cannot be slid out if the curtain is penetrated- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    The nylon webbing ensures that the door is quieter in operation than an end-locked door- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    Security is enhanced by using an extruded top slat to connect the rest of the curtain to the locking attachment- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔
    Curtain available in laminated wood effect finishes      ✔
    Where wood effect is used, extruded bottom slats have the same film applied to match      ✔
    Also available with a 55mm profile on the Compact version for low headroom requirements      ✔
    Curtain finishes half way up end plate providing better insulation and reducing the need for the extra cost of a fascia- Unique to seceuroglide      ✔


  • Guide Rails

    75mm or 90mm extruded aluminium      ✔
    Choice of colours as standard      ✔
    Deep brush pile on 75mm guide offers quieter operation and better insulation- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Double brush profile on 90mm guide      ✔


  • End Plates

    Galvanised steel end plates with 3 fixing holes incorporated making installation easier and end plates more secure- Unique to Seceuroglide   ✔
    Steel end plates have returning lug which is much stronger and less brittle than cast aluminium- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Incorporates "u cup" for octagonal plate to secure barrel making installation easier- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Can be powdercoated to match guides/curtain      ✔
    Available in 300mm or 350mm versions      ✔
    Compact version offers 205mm end plate for low headroom requirements      ✔
    Incorporate locking teeth which is an element of the unique locking system- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Available with half box or full box      ✔


  • Barrel/ Locking

    100mm round fluted barrel used on all sizes of doors giving extra rigidity and therefore security- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Extruded aluminium locking attachments secure curtain to the barrel. Benefits include:Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Higher level of security compared to generic locking systems available- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Attachments are protected by nylon collars causing less marking on curtain- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Locking bolt locates positively into end plate comb minimising risk of "lift up" attacks to the door- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔


  • Operation

    Remote control operation with integral light and two transmitters      ✔
    Transmitters come complete with cover to prevent accidental operation      ✔
    Receiver unit includes push button controls      ✔
    Safety edge system detects obstructions at any point in the downward travel complying to current legislation      ✔
    Spring is used as an anti fall back device to comply with legislation. These cannot be falsely activated as per safety brakes- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    System includes drawing in prevention which will stop the door operating if an item is inserted in the coil      ✔
    Alarm option available      ✔
    Internal manual override is supplied as standard      ✔
    External manual override is supplied as an option      ✔
    Powered by Somfy motor with 5 Year guarantee      ✔
    Manual operation available on standard door with mid height locking profile and grab handle- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Manual door incorporates grab handle at the bottom of the door as well as the middle- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔
    Manual door uses rolling brackets to ensure smooth linear operation- Unique to Seceuroglide      ✔


14 powdercoated colours to choose from and 3 woodgrain finishes

New for 2013: The SWS Seceuroglide roller shutter garage doors are supplied with 2 transmitters as standard, you are now given the choice of which 2 hand transmitters you would like to purchase with your garage door!

What can the Seceuroglide insulated roller garage door offer that other roller doors do not?

The SWS Seceuroglide offers lots of unique features, the highest quality, not the most expensive and not the cheapest, but quite possibly the best domestic aluminium roller door you can buy.  See our chart: