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Roller Shutter Types

We offer 3 different types of roller shutters in our premium roller shutter range. They are the classic shutter, basic shutter and the manual shutter.

Manual Classic Basic
Ideal for small structural openings
Proven technology for optimum door travel and speed  Ideal as a logistics or store entrance door

Classic Shutter Style

The classic shutter type offers the superiority and preeminence of true Hormann quality to a transcendent level. Offering unbelievable value for money, the classic style of shutters cater for most needs.

articulated wind locks on a high quality roller shutter advanced anchor secure technology for roller shutters weld on spacer brackets for steel structure hormann roller shutters deflection resistant bottom profile for hormann high quality roller shutters for industrial use

Articulated Wind Locks

The articulated design of the wind locks enables the rolling shutter to withstand extreme wind pressure.

Advanced Anchor Support

Unique to Hormann, spacer barackets variable in 30mm gradutations reliably secure the side guides to the building structure. Installation and service-friendly screw connections produce a close fit. Both visually and thermally a neat solution.

Weld-on Spacer Brackets

The brackets can be directly welded onto the steel structure. For buildings of steel construction, the weld-on spacer brackets complement the anchor technology in an ideal way.

Resistant Bottom Profile

A stable aluminium profile that strengthens the rolling door curtain. A weatherproof, flexible EPDM lip protects against rain and dirt. It also compensates for any slight unevenness at ground level as well as cushions the curtain on approaching the bottom end-of-travel position.

Side Guides
Developed by Hormann, these very stable side guides are made using 2mm thick galvanised steel. With a brush seal for quiet travel and tight-ness, the side guides are also available with plastic runners in signal orange on request.

The ZAK System
The Hormann ZAK system is available on request. It allows doors to be fitted more tightly and to be protected against the unpredictable power of wind surges and reduces untenable wear & tear. Below is a simple comparison between a standard barrel system and the Hormann ZAK system.

Basic Shutter Style

The basic shutter type is the standard version of each Hormann product. It provides roller shutters with high levels of security combined with technologically advanced components. The basic version is inferior to the classic version. The basic version is available for both rolling shutters and rolling grilles.

Rolling shutters, ideal as a logistics door, comes with the following:

basic galvanised sheet steel support bracket roller shutter support belt system solid roller shutter steel side guides roller grille galvanised steel support bracket aluminium side guides for rolling grilles for security
Support Bracket
In galvanised sheet steel reduces the required sideroom on the bearing and operator side.
Belt System
In a special fibrous fabric, connects the shutter curtain to the galvanised, octagonal barrel and dispenses with shutter profiles where these are no longer needed.
Steel Side Guides
The robust construction in galvanised steel is mounted directly to the building structure. This saves both space and installation time.
Support Bracket
In galvanised sheet steel reduces the required sideroom on the bearing and operator side.
Aluminium Side Guides
An elegant construction in bright rolled aluminium with a black slide profile. No more than 40mm high, it integrates unobstrusively into the ambient design.


Manual roller shutters are easy to operate. We recommend them for use in simply equipped halls without a power point where doors are less frequently used e.g. storage room, small spare parts stores, agricultural sheds and small unheated buildings. Shutters are supplied from 1800mm high and feature a hand pole to pull shutters down.

  manual coiled springs manual contact springs  

Coiled Springs

Counterbalance the weight of the rolling shutter curtain making it easier to operate.

Contact Springs

Springs gently guide the curtain in the upper travel limit, this preventing damage to the door.

bottom profile half-cylinder lock offering security from the inside miniature lock bottom profile offering security on the interior bottom profile half cyclinder lock offering security on the outside and can be locked on the exterior Shoot bolts fitted either left of right side of roller shutter allows use of a padlock to offer high security

Half Cyclinder
Interior Locking

For shutter widths up to 4000mm

Bottom profile locks from the inside with profile half-cylinder key-operation

Miniature Lock
Interior Locking

For shutter widths over 4000mm

Bottom profile locks from the inside with miniature lock, operated via swivel handle

Half Cylinder
Exterior Locking

For all shutter widths

Bottom profile locks from the outside with profile half-cylinder, can be locked from the inside without a key. Operated from the outside via a flush-mounted shell handle; operated from the inside via a T-handle.

Shoot Bolt

For all shutter widths

Can be fitted to the left or the right side on the interior. Allows use of a padlock. Not for external rolling shutters.

The HR120 manual rolling shutter has a two-way deadlock (including 2 keys) as a standard feature. It is possible to operate and lock the door from both the inside and outside.

ZAK System

The Hormann ZAK system is available on request for classic roller shutters, however provided as standard on classic roller grilles. It allows doors to be fitted more tightly and to be protected against the unpredictable power of wind surges and reduces untenable wear & tear. The ZAK gear system brings about horizontal displacement of the barrel, as a result of which the curtain travels, precisely-guided, vertically upwards or downwards in the side guides.

The Hormann ZAK system is installation-friendly and securely packed meaning they can be assembled safely and quickly by small teams of fitters without the need for a crane or forklift truck.

Below is a simple comparison between a standard barrel system and the Hormann ZAK system.

Standard System Hormann Zak System

Without the Horman ZAK gear system unit, the barrel does not
alter its position. This produces distortion resulting in:

  • Increased friction and wear
  • Increased noise from the shutter action
  • Increased headroom

With a Hormann ZAK gear system unit on either side, the barrel moves:

  • Away from the lintel on opening
  • Towards the lintel on closing

The door curtain always enters the side guide vertically and without any distortion. 

Circular segment-shaped gap resulting from the
distortion even without any wind pressure.

With wind pressure the circular segment-shaped gap
increases and the shutter gives a poor fit. This eventually takes its toll on the shutter resulting in repairs and regular maintenance.

Without distortion, no gap in the lintel region providing the closest possible fit.

The barrel helps contain the wind pressure, so the shutters remain close-fitting.