Are roller shutter garage doors secure

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Are Roller Shutter Garage Doors Secure?

Roller garage doors can be very secure and they also can be very insecure too, and it all depends on the quality and specification of the build and components used in the door.
You surely wouldn't buy a new electric roller garage door for your own home if you were told it had no security at all? Would you?  The simple fact is so many cheap roller garage doors don't actually have any form of locking, or very poor locking if they do have any.
A roller door with no attention paid to the security at all will probably just have a door curtain which hangs in the opening in the guides either side and then can be lifted from the bottom, with very little effort.
What is required is a form of ‘anti-lift’ mechanism to prevent the curtain being lifted from the bottom. Combine this type of locking with larger guides, good quality double skinned slats and a larger barrel size and you start to create a roller door which is difficult to break into.
A real security roller garage door will be a model which has been independently tested by a third party and given a certification to show it has the ability to resist a forced attack for a measured period of time. You will see these roller garage doors in our shop as LPS1175 SR1 rated doors and also ‘Secured by Design’ accredited.
Most of the roller doors we have in our range will have a mechanical locking system on the barrel and curtain to offer good levels of anti lift. The enhanced security models will have this, plus another form of anti lift too incorporated.
Many factors affect the overall security and strength for a roller garage door:
  • Fitting BEHIND the opening, so there is no access to the guides and head section.
  • Fitting behind any opening is the most usual place for a roller shutter door and this will enhance security automatically by hiding some major components.
  • The curtain slat quality and strength. Whilst most roller garage doors might look the same in images you see online we can assure you they are not. Different guages of aluminium, thickness of the double skinned slat and also quality of paint finish all contribute to a vast difference overall.
  • Anti Lift mechanism - An obvious one, but sadly not all roller doors have such a system.
  • No handles - All electric roller garage doors do not require a handle so there is nothing to attack from outside.
  • Rolling code technology on the remote control
  • Enhanced reinforcement in specific attack points on the door.
If you have any queries on security for a roller door of any type please email or call us directly for advice.

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