Can you supply a glass garage door

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Can You Supply a Glass Garage Door?

The answer is yes we can, there are now a lot of options for glass sectional overhead doors, but also acrylic glazing too in stylish new shaded colours.

Glass is not a new product used in garage doors or even commercial doors but in the UK regulations are fairly strict for the type of glass used and in many cases you may see garage doors with glazing in the top but in fact it is either a stippled or clear acrylic and the technology in this material provides glazing now that is extremely scratch resistant to remain looking clear for many years.

Most garage doors over the last 20 years or so sold in the UK have had glazing sections added to the top of the door, either in a traditional sense say with timber doors and then 4, 6 or 8 timber framed glazing sections or more recently with sectional type doors various square or oblong shaped glazed panels in the top section in varying numbers or in the case of a panelled door simply having glazing rather than panels in the top.

Over the last 2-3 years the use of glazing with a design element to them has escalated and started with square or round glazing sections being placed down one side of a door and has led on to more and more options with designer glazing sections in increasingly plain design doors.

Nowadays there are some real fully glazed door options, albeit still with some minimalistic aluminium framework, and these doors can be produced in so many configurations to blend in perfectly with the most outlandish or stark house designs. A lot of these doors have of course derived from doors used in high quality car showrooms and the like but none the less the final look is what they are all about and they can look fantastic when specified correctly.

Horman ALR 42 vitraplan glazed sectional door and side door

The Hormann ALR F42 range of commercial sectional doors offers high quality sectional garage doors with the absolute maximum glazing possible and with the Vitraplan door as shown above the clever overlapping of the glazing sections makes the door almost a flat wall of smoked glass, also available in a brown colour. All these doors like all their sectional doors are made to measure to the millimetre for optimum fit and also available in manual or electric versions.

The ALR F42 range also has a massive choice of single, double triple and even quadruple glazing options to maximise insulation from temperature and sound whilst also providing real security through the strength of each panel. The strength of the panels means this door can be supplied in sizes up to a massive 6000mm wide and 7000mm high!!

The brand new Hormann ALR F67 Thermo is a glazed door with triple glazing as standard and capable of widths up to 10 metres wide and 7 metres high!!