What sizes are roller garage door available in

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What Sizes are Roller Garage Door Available in?

Although there are a few standard sizes for roller garage doors these are usually for the most common garage sizes in the UK and in reality all roller garage doors are made to measure to the millimetre.
The curtain slat and strength will determine the maximum sizes for any roller garage door.
  • Double skin aluminium insulated 55mm slat doors generally are made to a maximum  width of 3000m and a height of around 2300mm
  • Double skin aluminium insulated 77mm slat doors are offered up to a maximum width of 6000mm and a maximum height of 3000mm (but not at 6000mm width)
  • Single skin uninsulated steel with a continuous curtain type roller doors are manufactured up to 5000mm wide and 3000mm high
If you require a larger size, then please speak to us about specifying a commercial roller shutter door as a garage door, with the correct safety controls and door controls incorporated.
We can offer roller doors up to a maximum of 18m wide if required and heights of up to 6m. However, as you might imagine the guides and headroom required will be far more than a domestic roller door requires.