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Commercial Security Shutters Overview

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SeceuroShield 38 - Commercial Security Shutters

Used in higher security domestic sites, medium and higher security office/commercial use dependant upon space size and exposure risk. Also recommended for smaller shopfronts and single garage doors with restricted headroom. Available both as built-in and built-on models.

seceuroshield 3800 with yellow shutters in a school

SeceuroShield 3801 - Security Shutterssecured by design approved shutters

For installation in domestic retail and commercial premises requiring an above average level of security. This is a police and insurance approved specification with an LPCB rating level 1. Installation has to be in accordance with the tested method.

seceuroshield 3801 installed in green on a brick business building

SeceuroShield 60

A high level of security for vulnerable office/commercial applications and shop fronts wherever special colours are required. The 60 is one of the strongest aluminium slats available for commercial security shutters needs. Available up to larger sizes. in width and height.
Almost any RAL or BS colour available but with 6 standard colours to choose from.

seceuroshield 6000 with electric switch installed in purple on a retail outlet

SeceuroShield 75

Roller shutter with scrolled 75mm galvanised steel slat profile for the most traditional look. Popular within medium security offices, commercial and industrial applications. Available up to 7000 mm wide or 5000mm high (with a 4200mm width).

seceuroshield 7500 image in green as a built-in installation

SeceuroShield 7501secured by design approved shutters

Insurance and secured by design version of the standard 75 this shutter has additonal manual locking and windlock guides. This shutter can only be installed INTERNALLY and the entire shutter box must be above the structural opening to comply.

seceuroshield 7501, similar to seceuroshield 7500

SeceuroShield 77

Perfect for single or double insulated garage doors. Also acts as a high security domestic shutter, medium security office entrance doors and external shopfronts. The slat used is a larger foam filled aluminium slat with widths available up to 5400 mm wide.

seceuroshield 7700 for commercial and retail use on houses and shopfronts
seceurovision logo  

SeceuroVision 38 Punched

18% vision is obtained using the punched version of the Seceuroshield 38. The sections of lath are only single skin aluminium in the perforated sections and can be combined with the standard double skinned slats of the 38. Powdercoated optional colours available.

seceurovision 3800 punched installed on a purple bar top

SeceuroVision 38 Perforated

44% vision is obtained with the ouched lath version of the 38 and again the slats are single skin aluminium sections with or without polycarbonate glazing inserts. Can be combined with the solid or perforated slats. Ideal for bars, smaller shop fronts and offices.

seceurovision 3800 perforated with additional vision

SeceuroVision 75

Very strong gavanised steel slats offer sizes up to 6800mm wide and 4600mm high in 20SWG sections. The 75 is always single phase electrically operated over 4000mm wide or 2800mm high but can be a manual push up shutter up to these sizes. Ideal for many uses and colours.

seceurovision 7500 for shopfronts

SeceuroVision 800

Designed to provide see-through protection against crime whilst catering for window shoppers, the SeceuroVision 800 is ideal for internal/external applications in retail and commercial outlets. The shutter is very strong whilst delivering up to 58.5% vision - with or without polycarbonate glazing inserts.

seceurovision 8000 installed in beauty salon, but applicable for all retail and commercial outlets

SeceuroVision 900

Recommended for shopfronts, the SeceuroVision 900 is suitable for both retail and commercial applications where permanent vision is required. There are no polycarbonate insert options for this shutter, only open vented brickbond sections with options on spacing configuration.

seceurovision 9000 offering high vision and installed on a timber surround

SeceuroShield 150

Internal low security domestic sites, bars and servery hatches. The 150 provides excellent heat insulation, shading and light control. External installation is recommended only on smaller sizes. Not for commercial use unless for shading or insulation purposes only.

seceuroscreen 1500 in a pub with seats