Secure for Winter

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10th October 2016

Secure for Winter


Care for your security

Whether you're a veteran of closing time at the bar, or want to take the next step at keeping your property safe, it can be difficult to know what to look for!


Security Shutters

Home, industrial or commercial? Security Shutters are made for any and all situations, made to be integrated with your building for an aesthetically pleasing security measure. You will have seen the Seceuro models all around you. Ranging from the compact soundproof insulated security of the SeceuroShield 150 for a natural security measure. All the way to the large SeceuroShield 60 which is built for placing over large segments of glass walls. Both deterring easy break in points while being able to match a shop front.


Retractable Security Grilles

If you have been subject to vandalism at home or in your workplace, it is worth considering installing a Security Grille. Those who have already purchased can understand the security it brings as a simple method of keeping windows and doorways locked shut with a physical barrier that can be pulled away (retractable!) to let in light. You don't need to worry about the visual aspect as many grilles and gates can come in a stylised appearance. But for simple cost effective repellents we recommend the SeceuroGuard 1001 for windows and Xpanda series for doorways and barriers.


Fixed Security Grilles for windows

A fixed security Grille are usually fixes bars that cannot be removed or pull away from the window. These are typically used for windows which cannot open, such as in offices and industrial districts. The Seceuro range offers the SeceuroShield Window Bar for a first point defence against break in attempts. If you do not need to open the window or pull the grille away, this is the grille to go for.


Security for your business

Here you can find all our shutters and grilles specifically designed for protecting shop fronts and businesses. For schools, sections in shops, office buildings, commercial centres, all of these locations have been tried and tested with installations such as the insurance approved SeceuroShield 3801 High Security Shutter. Meeting the LPS 1175 and being the Police preferred specification, this high security shutter does not fault on it's appearance either, being the front reputation of any commerical area. 


Bars and Serveries

Bars and kiosks can come into contact with dangerous patrons when it's shutting time, that's why to protect your bar we point toward two SeceuroVision methods of defence. First the purpose made 900 See-Through Shutter meaning people can see, but not touch! The second would be the Seceuro Vision 38 with Punched Slats, with manual and automatic operation, this could also make an attractive home minibar where an automatic shutter is installed to impress.


Electrically Operated Shutters

For heavy duty shutters that need to be opened via an electronic powered motor, this also means for buildings which require a number of shutters on windows and doors, the task of opening and closing them each day would be tiresome and a time waste. With automatic electric shutters, with a flick of a switch you can open up a whole shop front in seconds! The perfect pairing would be the SeceuroGuard 750 for those small businesses or even entire shopping centres. 


Fire Protection

For environments which have open flame precautions, we currently have two effective methods of keeping an establishment both safe and if the time calls, protected against fire. The SeceuroFire Flame Curtain for covering windows and doorways with a fast fibreglass sheet to stop the spread of fire in the event of an emergency. The other being the large SeceuroFire Flame Shutter, acting just as any other shutter but with up to a hardy 4 hour fire resistant barrier which can be connected to fire alarms. 


Vision Slated Security Shutters


Perforated, punched, tube and link, these are the labels of vision slated security shutter. Each provide a different design and level of see through visibility. Depending on how much or little you want on show, these are typically seen on small shop fronts so some products can still be seen but with a strong security presence to make intruders think twice before trying. The SeceuroVision 75 are chosen for medium security offices, commercial and industrial applications.